28 April 2011

I Like Guys That Sing #1

I genuinely had no idea what to call this post.. can you tell?! Anyway, I love all kinds of music and if anyone asks me to describe my taste in music I find it really difficult. I've recently developed a but of a soft spot for guys that sing. So let me introduce you to a few of them..

John Mayer Benjamin Francis Leftwich Bluey Robinson

John Mayer
I've been listening to John Mayer since February and I can't get enough of it; he's been around for a while and i'm kicking myself for not knowing about him sooner! I love how soft and relaxing his music is and quite a few of his tracks are the beachy kind that you'd hear in Hollister. I've had Free Fallin' on repeat and it's one of those songs that prove how talented an artist really is. Not many people can sing in such a moving way! I also love all the tracks on his album 'Battle Studies' but my favourites are Heartbreak Warfare and Assassin.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich
Ben stole my heart with his cover of When You Were Young by The Killers which is just beautiful. A track i've been listening to a lot is his cover of Arcade Fire's Rebellion which you can get for free here. It's safe to say Ben is set to make it big and with all his recent support from Radio 1 i'm hoping he'll be given the opportunity to share his magic in the Live Lounge. I'm really looking forward to his album which will be out in June and his new single Box Of Stones which is amazing.

Bluey Robinson
I can't remember exactly how I found Bluey's music but I love it! It's something a bit different to what i'd normally listen to but it's catchy and after downloading his mixtape i've listened to his music a lot in the past few months. Bluey has recently been a support act on Justin Bieber's tour but I think it's Justin that should be supporting Bluey! YouTube is packed with Bluey's music including some amazing covers with my favourite being Kings Of Leon's Use Somebody. Before he got into music Bluey was in Eastenders so if you think you recognise him that might be where from! He will be releasing his new single Showgirl very soon so look out for it as i'm sure it will do well.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these amazing artists. I'd heard of John Mayer before but I love both Ben and Bluey :)
    I'd love to see similar posts like this again. I'm always interested in what you've been listening to in your Sunday Summaries as you have a similar taste in music to me :) xx
    Gathering the Daisies

  2. Nice post :) Have you listened to Ed Sheeran? He's amazingggg :) xxx

  3. Ooh i've not listened to any of these artists, I defiantly want to! x

  4. These are amazing. I will definitely be checking out Ben and Bluey! If you ever get the chance, definitely see John Mayer live. It's just mindblowing. I saw him twice last year and he is one of those people that sounds a million times better live than on a CD. He is one of only a few artists whose songs can make me cry. He is my favourite singer ever. :)
    These posts are great!!

  5. I love John Mayer, his voice is amazing! My ex introduced me to Ben's music, so some bad memories there! Hahah, I can't deny he is an amazing artist though! I will have to check Bluey out, I hadn't heard of him before! :). I love this post, hope to see more like it! :D.

  6. Great post and such a lovely blog!


  7. I love John Mayer! I'm not sure about The Killers cover but I love the Kings of Leon cover :)

  8. I love John Mayer! Haven't really listened to the other two before, will definitely have to check them out!