1 April 2011

Five Good Things in March 2011

I honestly can't believe i'm already writing this month's roundup/update post! This year is going so fast it's crazy! I'm sort of excited as uni is getting closer but i've just got my list of exam dates so mammoth revision sessions are just around the corner!
I got my hair cut this month at a new salon and although the hairdresser wasn't exactly friendly (hello awkward conversions!) she actually cut my hair really well. She didn't cut too much off and trimmed my fringe neatly which doesn't normally happen so I got a really nice cut and my hair feels and looks so much healthier. The salon uses Wella products which i'm not really familiar with but i'm thinking of purchasing the heat protectant spray she used as it smelled gorgeous! I'm not sure how expensive it is but I don't think it will be too pricey.

I had lots of really good nights with my friends this month. Two trips to Frankie and Benny's, a Chinese, trashy TV, cocktails, and lots of gossip are enough to make me happy!
I had a year group photo this month and everyone had to get in height order. Guess who was on the end?! Ha, I wasn't expecting to be the shortest, I mean I knew I was short but not so tiny that i'm the shortest in my year!
Finding out that Truffle was ill definitely put a downer on the month. She's still doing really well though and despite being ill she still has her cheeky personality and is running around and eating lots!
I've pretty much played the Fenech Soler, Noah & The Whale and Neon Trees albums non-stop this month. Seriously can't get enough. There are a couple of other songs that deserve a mention like Seven Days in Sunny June by Jamiroquai which is getting me in the mood for summer :) Have a look at my LastFM if you're interested in other songs i've been listening to. I did say last month I thought i'd reach 9000 plays, clearly I underestimated myself as i'm now on 10100 haha, not expecting to be at 15000 in May though!

I can't say i've made any real food discoveries this month but I have tried the Philadelphia Sun Dried Tomato & Basil which is quite tasty! I got my first Graze boxes which i'm enjoying and i'm trying to order them as the occasional treat for myself to help me stay away from unhealthy snacks. I'm addicted to Sticky Choccy Pudding and i've been abusing the 'Send Soon' button so I get it every time I order a box haha!

I'm actually devastated that Junior Doctors ended last week, fingers crossed there will be another series! I could watch it for hours, it's my kind of program completely! I'm really hoping that something similar will start soon as tv is becoming crap as Take Me Out and One Born Every Minute have also ended!
April is going to be a month of revision which isn't going to be fun but it means no 6th Form for a month and no more early mornings so I don't have too much to complain about!


  1. i can´t believe it´s April already!

  2. Really can't believe how fast this years going! But am also looking forward to Uni in September! :) Lovely post, am going to miss Junior Doctors a bit too much :( aha x x

  3. I know how you feel, I'm at university and it's going to be a big few weeks ahead of revision! Good luck with it all :)

  4. You use the cutest pictures on your blog! Good luck with the revision and all


  5. i can't believe junior doctors has finished either.. such a good series! xx

  6. love this roundup hope the revision goes well xx