14 April 2011

A Day in Scarborough

I went to Scarborough on Tuesday with two of my friends and had a really good day. It was supposed to be quite cold and the weather said it might rain but it actually warmed up and was sunny. We decided to make the most of being at the seaside as we don't go a lot so we bought ice cream, built sandcastles, walked around the town, bought sticks of rock and had a nice meal at ASK. Here are a few photos of my day... 

Boats on the harbour

The sun eventually came out (I wish i'd been able to go on a yacht!)

We had a Malteaser Shakeaway on the beach (I love that you can see a donkey in the background!)

Chicken and Margherita Pizza from ASK

I'm 18 and making sandcastles on the beach using a bucket and spade bought from a £1 shop!

Rock Shop (we didn't actually buy our rock from here but I thought the shop looked nice!)

My favourite flavours of rock: Strawberry and Lemon ♥

We went to the SeaLife centre and saw Penguins, Otters and Seals. I'm really glad we had 2for1 vouchers as it definitely wasn't worth £15 a ticket to get in!

Next time we go back we're going to take our flip flops and hopefully it will be even warmer! I didn't manage to get a photo of my ice cream but it was a whippy Lemon Twist from Harbour Bar, i'd really recommend it!


  1. Awh beautiful photos :-) This makes me want to go to the seaside so bad :-D x x

  2. Ive never been here before, but it looks lovely from your photos. I like the second one with the sun hitting the water, just want you want to see from seaside photos :)
    I cant wait till the weather warms up to take a seaside roadtrip!
    hope you had a lovely time x

  3. I love living by the sea, all of that right on my doorstep.

    I love shakeaway too, cadburys caramel wins everytime!

  4. It looks so nice! Lovely photos and I love Shakeaway! If you get a turkish delight one prepare for serious straw blockages :P xx

  5. Great photos! Sounds like you had an amazing time! I love sandcastles too, but I'm only 16. Those 2 years make all the difference ;). Ah I love rock! When you eat rock, summer is officially here!

  6. that second photo is so lovely! xo