23 May 2011

A-Z Tag

I should be revising but I love posts like this. Thanks to the lovely Louise for sharing it!
[All photos borrowed from Tumblr]

Age: Eighteen,   Bed size: Single

Chores you hate: Cleaning the fish tank ..ergh

Dogs: I would love a Greyhound (they're quite lazy like me)!

Essential Start to your day: Almost-burnt toast with honey

Favourite colour: Loving coral at the minute!

Gold or Silver: Either - I tend to opt for silver jewellery

Height: 5 foot ish

Instruments I play: none, I can play a bit of Yellow by Coldplay on the piano if you're lucky!

Job Title: None at the minute, I would love a bit of part time work over the summer if I can get some as I really need some experience. I'd love to work in a clothes shop purely for the staff discount!

Kids: I'm at the point in my life where I don't really like the idea of having kids. I know i'll change my mind when I get a bit older as I love watching One Born Every Minute but right now I can't say it's something I want.

Live: Yorkshire,  Mum's Name: Liz,  Nickname: Caz

One wish: That Friday would come sooner so I can go out and celebrate the end of 6th Form with my bests! Oh and if my H&M order would hurry up that would be great too ;)

Pet Peeve: Currently, people who eat loudly. Just don't. It puts me off my food.

Quote from a Movie: The Hangover has so many! I'm really excited for the Hangover 2!

Right or Left handed: Right.

Siblings: My brother. The most annoying, most immature person I have ever met.

Time you wake up: 7ish but soon to be a lot later. Very much looking forward to getting a bit more sleep in the next few weeks!

Underwear: Something cute and comfy.

Vegetables you dislike: There are lots I can't eat and a few I don't like. I can't eat Onions, Peppers or Chilli and I don't like Sprouts, Green Beans or Lettuce. (I've been loving Spinach and Sweet Potatoes though!)

What makes you run late: Spending too much time looking at gossip websites or listening to music when i'm getting ready to go out.

X-Rays you've had done: My ankle and teeth. I'm sure they did my ankle one wrong though as it's still swollen 3 years later!

Yummy food you make: usually sweet things. Queen of Puddings is my absolute fave!

Zoo Animals: I love Tapirs! I've always wanted one as they have a similar cuteness to Guinea Pigs haha.


  1. This is such a lovely post! I love tapirs too! And good luck in your exams x

  2. Eek you just reminded me about the hangover 2 movie.. im so excited haha xx

  3. oo I enjoyed reading this lovely, I've done it on my blog! Hope you don't mind.

    I hope your exams are going okay!

  4. Thanks for sharing this post Caz - Gotta love the Hangover! <3 Also, I adore the song that you got your title from xx