31 May 2011

Guest Post by Sophie - Soundtracks To My Life

Welcome to another addition of Caz’s guest blog! As you all know Caz has left her blog in the capable hands of her followers while she takes her exams stress free! Today's blog is by me Sophie from my blog:
I applied to Caz’s guest blog in order to help out a blogger I look up to as I want success from my blog and Caz is someone I look up to in this crazy world of blogging and also I enjoy reading her posts! 
Basically the concept is, as a tag post, think of songs that really affect your life or remind you of a certain time in your life, imagine all the songs on a 12 track Album that sums up your life and you as a person. Then write that list down and post it with a link back to this post mentioning mine and Caz’s blogs with your track list and why you chose certain songs. It is a less honest way of letting people get to know you!

Sophie’s Life Soundtrack
1. Green Day- Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)- This song is a song I want playing at my wedding and my funeral it just sums up life in general and my life and I just love the fact it’s I hope you had the time of your life even though things went up and downhill. Great song and Great Band!
2. Ewan McGregor (Moulin Rouge)- Your Song- I just love the way he sings this song and it gives me the tingles it’s such a beautiful song but I prefer his version of it! It actually makes me cry and I just think it’s my song.
3. Mcfly-We Are The Young- This song is just great for turning up loud and acting carefree and dancing away and singing too loud to, My favourite band whi o I love and have followed since they started I’ve seen them live and they are just full of feel good songs just like this one!
4. Charlotte Church- Dream A Dream- Now this song is a little odd but really it’s the Music I like, Il Divo do a cover of this under a different title called Isabel, but the music is beautiful and it’s what I want to walk down the aisle to!
5. Lily Allen- Littlest Things- I am apparently a Lily Allen Lookalike so I had to have one of her songs here, and this one just sums up relationships and my passed relationships and about those little things that make or break relationships weather it is love or friendships!
6. Samantha Barks Les Miserables 25th Anniversary - On My Own- My favourite musical that gives me such tingles this song is my favourite played loud I wish I could belt it out like this girl can so effortless with such emotion, a truly moving song.
7. Embrace- Ashes- This I like to say is my mum’s song it one she wants playing at her funeral and it just really gives the feeling of strength to me and is such a great tune played out loud on a bad day that will make you determined and stronger minded!
8. If Tomorrow Never Comes- Garth Brooks/Ronan Keating- It doesn’t matter who is singing this it always makes me cry as it was played at my Granddads funeral, but in a way it makes me smile, it’s a beautiful song too.
9. Angry Anderson- Suddenly- It was played at Nessa’s wedding in Gavin and Stacey and is such a classic rock songs with quite meaningful lyrics, not a common song but I say listen to it!
10. My Chemical Romance- Helena- I love MCR and found it hard to choose a song to sum up a few years in my life where these were my obsession and where I found my rock music love, back in my emo days I loved them and still do they write amazing lyrics to go with there songs and I love how they are now playing around with there genre and image showing they aren’t emo or Goth music they can be diverse.
11. Twilight Soundtrack- Tremble For My Beloved- My favourite trilogy films and where I found a love for books again, I love this song it is so different and immediately makes me think of this film and R-Patz! Phwoar! Hehe!
12. Human League-Don’t You Want Me- I love Classics and this song is one of them it comes on and your like Omg I love this song and start singing and dancing! I love music from the 80’s and 50’s I’m so diverse!

Caz’s Life Soundtrack
1. S Club 7 - Bring The House Down-. S Club 7 were my all time favourite band when I was about 10, I owned every album they released and loved all their songs. This song was one of my favourites and will always remind me of being young, I also have no shame in knowing the words to pretty much every song they've made.
2. My Forever - Now Faded Photographs - This is my most played song on iTunes so I had to feature it! I can't really explain why I love it but the lyrics are so well written and it's so nice to fall in love with a song by a small unsigned band.
3. Ross Copperman - Holding On And Letting Go- I love Ross's music and i'll always remember adding him to the little video bit of my Bebo profile when I was about 13! He's another fairly unknown artist who deserves a lot of recognition as he is very talented and it's his music that got me into artists such as John Mayer who are quite similar.
4. Maroon 5 -Makes Me Wonder- I can't believe that I can remember what this song reminds me of! I listened to this album on repeat when I was doing my year 9 geography project and it literally conjures up the memories of typing up lots of info about rainforests. Crazy!
5. Ed Sheeran - Sofa - I haven't been listening to Ed's music for long but I already know it will be sticking with me for a long time. His voice is so easy to listen to and his songs have meaning and are written so well. What more could you want in an artist?
6. Fenech Soler - Golden Sun - Been listening to these guys for a few months non-stop and i'm determined to see them live if I can find anyone to go with! To be fair I could have picked any song from their album but this is the one i've listening to the most. It's so catchy and is perfect for listening to when i'm walking to 6th form.
7. Daniel Powter - Lie To Me- This is another artist that is responsible for my music addiction. Totally fell in love with his sound when Bad Day first came out in 2005 and i've been listening to a bit of his more recent music recently. I love his voice and I really wish he'd gone further in this country as most people see him as a bit of a one hit wonder.
8. The Wanted -Replace Your Heart- I'm not really such a big The Wanted fan any more but there is a little bit of me that will always love their music. I followed them when they were just starting out - around the time they were shooting the All Time Low video. Now they're huge I don't really 'get' them any more but i'll always love them for the fact that 'Nathan Sykes' is the most searched for things on my blog thanks to the 'Boys Boys Boys' tag I did!
9. Starry Eyed - Ellie Goulding - I'm sure a lot of people would pick this song as I could listen to it on repeat and I wouldn't get bored. I'm really looking forward to Ellie Goulding releasing a new album as it feels like i've been waiting forever and her music is amazing! She's one of the very few female artists I listen to and i'd love to see her play live!
10. Snow Patrol -It's Beginning To Get To Me - My iPod is full of Snow Patrol songs and their music has lots of memories for me. I can't really pinpoint a particular one but i'm really hoping they'll release another album or go on another tour soon as they've been hiding for far too long!
11. Take That - Happy Now - I'm a little bit too young to remember Take That when they first started out but since they reformed i've loved their music and it's sort of become a tradition for me to buy their album. Happy Now is from their newest album and it kept me positive when Truffle passed away in April so it will always remind me of her :)
12. Friendly Fires-Hawaiian Air- Thought i'd finish up with a song i'm loving and listening to right now as I write this :) Really loving Friendly Fires at the minute and their new album is going to be the soundtrack to my summer.

Thanks for reading! Tell me and Caz what you think and send us a link on this post to your tag response!! Hope you enjoyed and thank you Caz for letting me guest blog!