3 May 2011

Spring Beauty Favourites

I don't normally do monthly favourites (as you can probably tell) but i've been in the mood to write a more 'beauty' related post recently so here are a few products i've been loving for the past few months.

(Apologies for the not so great picture!)
Rimmel Lash Accelerator
Love love love this mascara so much! It does everything you would want a mascara to do and the wand is a really good shape and isn't too messy to use. It is a little pricey for a drugstore mascara (£8.99) but I think it's worth it and i'll be repurchasing it soon. As you can see the packaging isn't up to much and all the writing has worn off but I suppose it shows that it is much loved ;)

Lil Angel Perfume
I've had this for a while and it's my favourite out of the Harajuku Lovers collection. As much as I love the scent it's the fact that it lasts so long that keeps me using it. You don't get a lot of perfume for your money but it lasts a lot longer than a lot of the perfumes I have and this means you only need to use a little bit each time. It's also a bit of a summery scent so it's been perfect for the warmer weather recently.

No7 Grace Lipstick
I love this lipstick and it's easily the most worn one in my collection. It is quite subtle but offers a really delicate pink colour to the lips. I'm gutted it's limited edition so i'm trying not to use it too often although i'm hoping to update my collection with some more wearable shades soon.

ELF Eyebrow Kit
I didn't used to do my eyebrows a lot as they are usually covered up by my fringe (lazy I know!) but I really like the way they look when I use this kit. I think the packaging has been updated since I started using this but it's still a brilliant product especially for £3.50! I tend to just use the wax and not bother with the powder as it makes my eyebrows really dark and the lasting power of the wax is good enough to look fine on it's own.

Toni & Guy Protein Protection Mist
Is it wrong that I mainly use this because I like the scent? I've been trying to give my hair a bit of loving as blow drying and straightening it every other day isn't really the kindest way to look after it. I've been using this for a couple of weeks before I blow dry my hair and although I haven't noticed a significant difference in my hair i'm still hoping it's working it's magic. So the reason this is a favourite is because it smells nice although it might actually work for you if you have thinner hair than me where it would be more noticeable :)


  1. I always use hair products because of the smell too! And whatever is on offer at the time - not the best hair care routine! ;). i might have to buy some harajuku perfume just for the bottles! There so cute!

  2. I do love that perfume, I need to repurchase though x

  3. that lipstick looks gorgeous and i definitely concur and use hair products based on smell as opposed to anything else! oops! x

  4. Love the elf eyebrow kit. I haven't tried that lipstick but it looks such a pretty colour xx

  5. I love the packaging on that No7 lipstick! So cute, and the colour looks lovely for this time of year! I really want to get myself a brow kit, maybe I'll check out elfs :) xxx

  6. your post title is too awesome. go adele!

  7. The lipstick looks good :o and the packaging is adorable! xo

  8. That No7 lipstick looks like such a pretty colour, and the packaging is gorgeous! I'm always sucked into buying things because of the cute boxes they come in!

  9. I love ELF and how cheap it is! May have to pick up the brow kit next!!

  10. I like that mascara too, agree that it is rather pricey, but it seems alot of drugstore mascaras are a little expensive now. xx

  11. I love Lash Accelerator too, definitely one of the best mascaras I've ever used and I've tried a LOT over the years! x

  12. The ELF kit is one of the best products I've ever purchased from them!
    I may give the Rimmel mascara a try - I've fallen out of love with all the ones I own! x

  13. i didnt love that mascara i thought it was too 'wet' and a bit messy to use, must've just been me! i'd love to try the elf eyebrow kit, you may've just persuaded me ;)
    check out my blog, i'm holding a giveaway :)