2 June 2011

Guest Post by Katie - Felt Flower Headband Tutorial

Hi I’m Katie from KatieWrites. You may or may not know me but I’ve taken over Caz’s blog today while she’s busy with exams and revision. Firstly lets all wish her good luck, though I’m sure she’ll do fine!
A few weeks ago Caz put up a post requesting guest bloggers, and I instantly jumped at the chance. There were no requirements to what you could post about but that was my problem. I have too much to say! So after much deliberation I settled on my newest creation and thought I’d give you all a quick tutorial. So stick around if you want to learn how to make your very own cute flower headband!
These are the items you will need:
Headband/Alice Band – preferably fabric with no grips
Glue Gun/Craft Glue

First off you want to create your flower. There are many different felt flower templates out there so pick your favourite one, and get gluing. I choose a daisy design, but roses would also be a great choice.
Now I haven’t done a tutorial on how to make your felt flower as this would have taken up a lot of blog space, and I wanted to keep this pretty short, but once you’ve finished you should be left with some thing like this…
1. + 2. Next you will need all the items in picture 1. You now want to attach the flower to your headband. Firstly take a piece of felt the same colour as the bases of your flower and cut out a circle. You could use a template for this but I choose to do it by eye.

3. You then want to attach the flower to the front of the headband wherever you think will look best. I choose to place mine quite low down on the right side, but it’s up to you. Plus you can always spin the headband round if you want it on the other side. Genius! Haha.

4. Once your flower is firmly in place you want to stick the circle of felt you cut out earlier to the reverse of the headband. This is to protect your hair, and to cover up any unsightly mess you may have made earlier!

And there you have it… your very own cute flower headband. I plan on wearing mine everywhere. Haha. I’ve also now placed an order for some more plain headbands so I cannot wait to create more of these bad boys.

Hope you all enjoyed this post.
If you liked it pop on over to KatieWrites, because there’s plenty more where that came from.


  1. aww this is really cute, and so easy! might try it out for myself!

  2. I love this DIY! It's so cute and easy