4 June 2011

Guest Post By Mills

Hello, this is my first guest post ever. :) be gentle. I'm Mills, and this is my blog.

I wanted to do something that was relatively in-keeping with the sort of things that you would normally find on this blog....and Caz is very good at naming (and shaming if need be) a huge array of cosmetics, make-up and other Boots-esque goodies.

Unfortunately that really isn't my strong suit....I tend to use whatevers lying around, hardly ever buy myself any new make-up, but prefer to wait till mum/sister is bored of something and hands it down to me, so safe to say nothing is ever 'right' for me. But I will draw your attention to this marvellous product from Schwarskopf, Ossi.

I'm always prone to bigger (and better) hair, particularly for any evening occassion and this chap is a firm favourite in the 'getting ready' stakes. A powder that transforms into a volumising/hairspray-esque thing.....its a toughy to explain, but its brill. Even if you don't want to use it all over, its great to just put at the roots if your hair needs a little lift.

Also have a recipe to share....this is an absolute fool-proof, never-fail, 'monkeys could bake it' recipe for Banana bread that is so 'moist' and simply divine. Honestly this is a must do.

Haha you can tell from the page that its rather well used.....geez look how grubby it is!
Moderate oven - I usually put it in at 120 degrees c. I also like to add bits of chocolate or raisins (or both) makes a nice change.

Finally and briefly a quick word about me. As you now know I'm not really too bothered about all the beauty products out there, I just tend to use whats at hand. I do enjoy clothes though, not necessarily fashion - as I don't like alot of trends and 'in' things, but I do enjoy dressing up and throwing different looks together. I'm an absolute mad animal obsessive, and love my pooch far too much, but otherwise am fairly normal....I like people to think anyway.

I hope that I have sufficiently distracted you from 'Caz withdrawal' while she's slogging away for the big exams.
Ciao folks xxx

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