5 June 2011

I Turn The Music Up, I Got My Records On, I Shut The World Outside Until The Lights Come On

.1. I gave my room a huge tidy and cleared out my wardrobe on Monday as I like things to be tidy when i'm revising (OCD much?!). It's so satisfying opening my wardrobe and being able to find things! I've also just recieved a New Look and H&M order(which took forever to arrive!) so I have quite a few new things to add to it too :)

.2. I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean this week; to be fair it's definitely not my kind of film and after seeing the others it's not the same without Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly. I would recommend it if you're a fan of the others but it's not something i'd watch again. Bring on The Hangover 2 on Wednesday! (I must be the last person to see it!)

.3. I went to York for the day on Thursday for my friend's birthday. I haven't had a lot of money recently but I still managed to have a good day with a trip to Pizza Hut, ride on a carousel and an ice cream in the park in the 25° heat. It was a nice break from revision and i'm making the most of spending time with my friends before uni. I'd also like to say thanks for all the lovely comments on my OOTD which I posted on Friday, hopefully i'll find a way to post a few more :)

♥ A few to follow: Summer and Danni

♫ I'm currently listening to: Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall and Wolf Gang - The King And All Of His Men


  1. I always tidy when I'm supposed to be revising, not because I like to be tidy.. just to put off revising!

  2. Ooh glad your H&M order finally turned up! I originally ordered about £80 worth of stuff and in the end only paid £6 because so much of it got cancelled or was out of stock. (Plus all the discount vouchers!) Even though I was cross with H&M though I still went into my nearest shop and bought a load more stuff on Friday! Are you going to post up what you bought? (Sorry, I am nosy!)

  3. I love tidying, I'm strange like that though, tidy always makes you focus better I find. Love this Coldplay song, great tune. Always when you manage to have a nice time on little money. xxx

  4. @Emma Jade - haha i'll literally do anything to avoid revision! x
    @Rosie - I'm really glad I finally got it, I got a bit worried when you mentioned about the woman telling you off for the discount codes! I'll probably do a post soon when I can get some nice pictures :) I won't be able to show a couple of the tops as they aren't going to get here till the end of July! x
    @Gem - I'm addicted to the new Coldplay song, I can't wait to hear more of their new songs! You wouldn't believe how much I enjoyed the £2 carousel ride haha x

  5. I like tidying and having a good sort out.
    I haven't been to the cinema in ages, typical that all the good films are out when I have exams! I'd like to see POTC just because I've seen all the others and definitely want to see The Hangover 2 as loved the fist one! x

  6. Lovely post as ever : )
    Tidying before revision seems necessary I always do it so that my mind is tidy too (for some reason mess is distracting at this time but every other time it's acceptable :D)
    You've watched the films the opposite way round to me :) I really want to see Pirates but haven't found anyone to go with yet (they've either seen already or don't want to go). I did see the hangover today and thought it was good. I'd say if you like the first one you'll love the second xx

  7. @Lily - I probably shouldn't be going to the cinema as I also have exams but I suppose it's a bit of a treat and a break from revision instead of being stuck in the house! x
    @Samantha Jane - Thanks, i'm sure i'll enjoy it as it's 100% my kind of film, I love a good comedy :) x

  8. It's so sweet of you to mention my blog, I don't even believe it! Thank you so much, you made my day <3 :)

  9. My room is in need of an epic tidy! x

  10. oooh i have OCD moments too..haha

  11. Aah thank you for the mention lovely :) I have to say I actually enjoyed Pirates of the Caribbean! For me, as long as Johnny Depp is still playing his part I can watch them - he's such a fab actor, although I think another one would be a step too far 2bh.

    Yay for your trip to York too - sounds lovely :) x