12 June 2011

You Make It All A Little Better, You Make It All A Little Brighter

.1. I went to see The Hangover 2 on Wednesday (gotta love Orange Wednesdays!) and I loved it! I'm kind of glad I waited a bit to see it as there weren't too many people in the cinema and we got some good seats :) I also managed to squeeze in a cheeky bit of shopping and buy a few bits from H&M and Primark (seen here).

.2. I gave blood on Friday and it went a lot better than last time. I give it through my right arm now but it doesnt ache afterwards anyway so it's not a problem :) I love coming away from it knowing I might have saved a life and it makes it even more real when I see people receiving blood on my new favourite show 24 Hours In A&E. I'm planning on doing a blog post about it next week if I have time as it's National Blood Week and I want to raise a bit more awareness of it.

.3. I've got my General Studies exam on Tuesday; I can't say I really care about it to be honest; my uni doesn't accept it so i'll probably just do a bit of revision tomorrow night although i'm not exactly sure what i'm supposed to revise anyway? I'm probably better focussing on the exams that matter!

♥ A few to follow: Laura and Erika


  1. Can't wait to see your blog post on giving blood. I still have to wait a few months until I am old enough to do it. Some of my friends say that it is really painful but from reading about it on the internet it doesn't seem to be too bad.

  2. I also saw Hangover 2 and gave blood last week! Thought Hangover 2 was a bit boring after the first, they used exactly the same jokes :/ Lazy script writing! Listening to the Hear You Me cover now, love Jimmy Eat World but this cover really works :)

  3. Definitely don't worry about General Studies - I remember the girl next to me actually took a nap during the exam! I answered one of the questions by writing out the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody (in full. I was cool back then...). Best of luck with all your others! x

  4. We completed our General Studies A-Level in the AS year of college, it's so rubbish. I did no revision and don't even count it as anything I've achieved, I heard that colleges on do it to receive money from the government- but obviously it could help someone get into uni if their uni accepted it, which most don't. I think it's a waste of time aha.
    + I saw the Hangover 2 and didn't think it was as good as the first, which is a shame!


  5. I want to see the Hangover 2 too, the first one was hilarious! Oooh that's good of you! & nevertheless good luck!!

    Alicia Mi Mundo

  6. Love that map of the world x

  7. good luck with general studies!. i failed *cantwatch lol. the uni i wanted didnt even accept it so it was cool! &&cannot wait for a more detailed post about giving blood. i want to do this but i duno how to get into it =S
    Cotton2 <3

  8. I've alway wanted to give blood. My Mum did it for years and so did my Granddad come to think of it. Only problem is.. I always tend to get a new piercing or new tattoo every year and you have to wait a full year before you can give blood after both those things. I know that saving lives it more important, but I never think about giving blood until after I'm inked myself.
    Cannot wait to see your blog post on it though.
    P.S Good luck with the general studies exam. I don't I actually attended mine. They changed the room at the last minute, I couldn't find it, so I thought sod it. Hope you have more luck. x

  9. I saw The Hangover 2... last week i think and i loved it! Since we went on a week day with a friend it wasn't so full (because another friend went this wednesday and said it was packed with people!). I also loved it :) i couldn't stop laughing lol.

  10. WOAH kind of honoured that you followed me....haha
    omg hangover 2 was hilarious. I couldn't actually breathe when Alan was talking about semen instead of demon and he just carries on omg.

    And WOW that's so cool you gave blood. I need to do that one day. Good luck with your exam, I have 6 of them over the next 2 weeks :S xxx

  11. I think giving blood is such an amazing thing to do, i'm quite squeemish but I definitely want to try it one day (:, good luck in your exam!xx

  12. I still need to see hangover 2! Everyones saying how good it is. Good luck with your exam on tuesday, exams can really suck and be boring but hope you pass it! (:

  13. I blogged about giving blood last week, I'm not allowed to and I'm so, so gutted about it :(

    I really want to see Hangover 2 :) xxx

  14. I was sceptical at first as the first Hangover was so good and I had heard the plotline was identical, but I was laughing throughout!

    It'll be interesting to read about your blood donation - I've been meaning to do it, but somehow have never found the time to do it. You've inspired me though!

  15. Sounds like it was a good week for you. :)

    It's lovely to see someone giving blood on a regular basis, you are indeed saving lives!

    The Cat Hag

  16. well done on giving blood so many times, i've only given it once because i always get rejected for being anaemic haha xx

  17. I always prefer to go to the cinema after it's quietened down a bit, especially when it's mental on Wednesdays, still haven't seen the hangover yet though! :(

    Well done for giving blood, I'm petrified on needles, but I'd still like to do it xxx