9 June 2011

New In: Primark and H&M Accessories

This is just a quick post to show a few accessories i've bought recently. I have quite a few new clothes which I want to do a separate post on when i've got the time to photograph them. 

I always purchase waist belts from Primark as they're really inexpensive and have a nice variety of colours and styles. I've got a really nice floral print one from there so I picked up these two recently to add to my collection.

I'm in the love with the Horse one as it will look really nice with a simple white top I have which is a bit big. It was £2 and although I don't love the way it fastens I know i'll be wearing it a lot. 

I originally wanted a plain red belt to go with a black lace dress I have but Primark didn't have any so I opted for this one which is pink with a purple fastener. I'm not sure if i'll team it with the dress but it will work well in adding some colour to a plain top. It was £1 and also came in navy with a pink fastener.

This bracelet is probably my favourite Primark purchase recently; it was £3 and I think it looks a bit more expensive than that. I love the colours in it and also the fact it has two rings to fasten it so if you have smaller wrists it fits a lot better as I often find Primark bracelets can be a bit big.  

I already have this bracelet in brown (seen here) but I originally wanted it in blue. It was quite pricey at £5.99 so when I saw it reduced to £2.99 in the H&M sale I knew I had to have it! It will fit any wrist size and the only thing I don't like is that it's a bit noisy when you wear it ;)


  1. I need to get the horse belt! Loving a bit of colour blocking as well with the purple belt.

  2. That horse belt is amazing, I love it!
    I had my eye on that H&M bracelet too but didn't buy it, will have to go back and see if they've got any in the sale!

  3. I never wear belts but I need that horse one!(L)

  4. Primark is brilliant for jewellery and accessories isn't it?!

  5. Primark are always amazing for jewellery and accessories, definitely the first place that I look! That bracelet is gorgeous, I will definitely be looking for it on my next shopping trip! Can't believe it was so cheap too!

  6. Love these especially the horse belt, you're making me want to shop!

  7. I really like the horse belt! I can't find it anywhere here. :/