16 June 2011

YouTubers I'm Loving #1

I think I go through phases where I either watch lots of YouTube videos or rarely watch any and at the minute i've been watching quite a few (probably because i'll do anything other than revise!)
I watch quite a mixture of different videos so i've included a bit of everything below so hopefully if you haven't discovered them already you might find something you like.

I'm really loving Naomi's videos at the minute. Her recent favourites video was fab as she didn't ramble on forever about everything which is something I don't really enjoy. Naomi has also done a few fashion videos and like a lot of people I enjoy Primark hauls which she recently filmed a video on. She also has a blog which you can follow here.

Sorted Food is probably my favourite channel of all time! I love all their videos and they're all really simple and easy to follow as well as the recipes being fairly affordable to make. I recently made their Salmon En Croute which tasted so good and I know it's something i'll definitely be making again! I've also purchased their cookbooks as they'll be a must have when I go to uni in September! I'm also in love Ed Drewett's little video that he did for them the other day :)

Skip to 1:35 ;)
I've been a fan of My Forever for a while but I didn't want to just post a music video here. They also film 'My Forever Friday' videos every week showing what they've been up to which I think is something a lot more bands should do as it's nice to see that they're just normal people. Obviously I do love their music and their cover of Jimmy Eat World's Hear You Me has been something i've been listening to a lot recently.

Feel free to recommend your YouTube favourites below as I love finding new channels to watch :)


  1. I'm going through a phase of watching lots of YouTube videos recently! have a look at Jenna Marbles she's so funny :) xxx

  2. I absolutely love Sorted Food! So funny, the rude little connotations make it so funny. I've subbed to Naomi :) xx

  3. I LOVE sorted foods videos! Their gordon ramsay video had me in stitches. So funny xx

  4. I've been watching tons of youtube vids lately too. I love beautycrush - really love her style, and she knows all the best vintage places! & jlovesmac1 - she always livens up her vids shes always so happy aha (:

    Havent heard of My Forever before, off to check them out now!

  5. I love videos of people getting hurt in stupid ways. Does that make me a bad person?

    / Avy