31 July 2011

And It Feels Like Jealousy, And It Feels Like I Can't Breathe

.1. I watched Beaver Falls on Thursday on E4+1 (why is everything on at the same time as 24 Hours In A&E?!). I didn't think i'd enjoy it as much as I did but it's a really nice summery show and i'll probably watch next weeks episode :) It's a little bit like Skins which I used to love but the past few series' haven't been as good so I stopped watching it - bring back Luke Pasqualino and Mitch Hewer! 

.2. I started driving again this week and although I haven't driven since January I don't seem to have forgotten how to do it which i'm quite pleased about! I wanted to take my test again this summer but there is an 8 week wait so the earliest I can do it is the middle of September and i'll be at uni. I'm really hoping i'll be able to get a cancellation or i'll have to wait till December when I come back and knowing my luck it will snow or something!

.3. I went to the cinema on Friday to see Horrible Bosses which I loved as it's definitely my kind of film as it was really funny! I'd definitely recommend it! We were originally going to see Bridesmaids but it's already finished in the cinema we went to so we're going to have to go somewhere else - gutted! Also managed to sneak in a McFlurry as cinema prices for food are a joke!

♫ I'm currently listening to: Joss Stone - Somehow and Will Young - Jealousy 


  1. I've started driving again too..Stopped lessons when I went to uni but want to try and pass by the end of Summer- Fingers crossed!

    & I saw Horrible Bosses a few weeks ago and it was so much funnier than I expected!


  2. yum. those cakes. i was eyeing up that dorothy perkins bunny jumper too! it must be scary driving, i doubt i'll ever be able to do it! <3

  3. I seriously need to get back into driving as well! Defo watch Bridesmaids if you get a chance, it's so funny! I really want to see horrible bosses! xx

  4. Good luck with your driving, it's good that you have picked it back up again :)
    I loved Bridesmaids, it's so funny you have to see it. I can't wait to see Horrible Bosses, looks really good.
    And I love that Joss Stone song :P


  5. Oooh, I was thinking of watching Beaver Falls but I didn't get round to it. Might give it a try though now if you think it's good. I like the first 4 series of skins but the most recent one was pretty terrible, didn't even bother!
    I wanted to see bridesmaids too but everybody went to go see it while I was in Japan. Lame. I think I'll see horrible bosses next weekend though. Sounds like you had a good week :)


  6. Good luck with driving again! Horrible bosses is a hilarious film, i loved it! xx