3 July 2011

I Can't Predict What The Future Holds But I'll Fight Forever To Keep You Close

.1. It was my sixth form ball on Wednesday which I enjoyed and it was a lot better than I expected it to be. Thanks for all your lovely comments about my dress - love you guys longtime! This week i've been talking to a few of the people i'm going to be at uni with including a couple of my flatmates so I really can't wait for September! I think i'm going to write a separate post asking for uni advice as I know a lot of you are there now or have already been so you're probably the best people to ask about things like what i'll need to take etc.

.2. It was my friend's 18th birthday on Friday and we all got together in the evening and had a BBQ and some drinks and it was a really good night. We've all planned a trip to Alton Towers soon which i'm so excited for! I'm a bit fearless and will go on all the rides - total adrenaline junkie! 

.3. I've been thinking of a few things i'd like to do to keep me entertained till September. I really want to decorate my room; it hasn't been done in so long and I have lots of ideas for it. I'm currently on the hunt for some nice wallpaper - I love the Laura Ashley range! I also want to get lots of accessories from Sass & Belle, Ikea and Bombay Duck so i'm going to have to get saving!

♥ Internet fave of the week: Simple Desktops

♫ I'm currently listening to: Jason Derulo - Fallen and Bombay Bicycle Club - Shuffle


  1. aaaah i'm moving house soon, and i used bombay duck to get my door handles for each room......My sister has gorgeous Pink glass and i have brown glass, my other sister has just clear but my fave are my mums rose ones, they are like cut out roses. GORGEOUS
    hahaha xxx

  2. I love Laura Ashley wallpaper! Sounds like you have a fun summer planned, must be good to have all the stress of schoolwork behind you. I'm really excited for you right now, you will love uni!!