29 July 2011

I Like Guys That Sing #2

Ross Copperman Pete Laurie Ed Sheeran

Ross Copperman
I first heard Ross's music about 5 years ago and I find myself coming back and listening to his tracks every now and again; they just never get old! Ross isn't as well known as he should be as I think he has so much talent that is wasted! He writes some incredible songs with lyrics that everyone can relate to and even if his music isn't your kind of thing you can't argue that he's an amazing song writer. As always it's hard to choose which songs are my favourites but ShineGlass and Ordinary are beautiful and well worth a listen. If you're a fan of CSI:NY you might have heard Holding On And Letting Go which was recently featured on the show.

Pete Lawrie
Another recent discovery, I stumbled across Pete through a YouTube advert and fell in love with his voice. He's recently released his album and i'm loving all the tracks especially A Little Brighter and Just Dust. Paperthin is a lovely song which is calming and relaxing to listen to but in contrast I love All That We Keep which is more upbeat and catchy. I also had to mention the song that brought Pete's music into my life which is In The End which is another favourite of mine and really shows off Pete's voice.

Ed Sheeran
Probably the reason why I love writing these posts: Ed's music was introduced to me by Jessica who commented on my previous post. Since then he's become huge and I still can't stop listening to The A Team, Ed's voice is beautiful. After having a look through lots of his songs in YouTube i've decided that Last Ones Standing is my favourite even though I think it's one of his oldest songs. His new single You Need Me, I Don't Need You is coming out soon and I can see that doing just as well as The A Team; it's got quite a different sound to some of Ed's other songs but it definitely has the potential to top the charts.


  1. Ed Sheeran is amazing, try listening to 'Autumn Leaves', it's really good!!x

  2. Looked up Peter Lawrie and he has a new fan :) I think Ed Sheeran is REALLY sellable, he'll be big in no time at all.

  3. I love Ross Copperman! its a shame his music isnt more well known. i saw him live in 2006 and would love to see him again, hes got a lovely voice :)

  4. I love Ed Sheeran and hes doing so well. I'd never heard of the other two but I've listening to them both and I'm definitely a fan, you have great taste in music! X

  5. Ed Sheeran is quite local to me and a friend of mine was in the same year as him a school, apparently he was a bit of an knob at school and its a well known fact in the local area that his Dad who is very wealthy paid for him to get where he is right now... apparently! You're right though, he has got an undeniably amazing voice. xx

  6. Hey doll, I just adore your blog! (:

    xox Effy