6 July 2011

Beauty - 'YouTube Made Me Do It'

I'm back! I've actually got a bit of time on my hands today to write blog posts, take photos and all that kind of thing so hopefully if I find a bit of inspiration i'll be writing some decent posts after a few months of being a bit lazy! So today's post is a bit like the 'YouTube Made Me Do It' tag i've seen floating around; basically products that i've bought because they've been mentioned a lot in the blogosphere. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo
This is talked about so much and I definitely know why; I couldn't image life without it! It means I can be lazy and not wash my hair as regularly which has definitely improved the condition of my hair. I don't really have a preference to the scent, as long as it does the job I don't really care! I've tried a couple of other brands of dry shampoo in the past - the Lee Stafford one is definitely not worth the higher price and although the Klorane one is a really good product, as I get through so much of it I can't justify spending so much on a dry shampoo! The new bigger cans are good too as I get through the smaller cans so quickly and it's super affordable especially as I save on shampoo and conditioner from not washing my hair everyday.

St Moriz Self Tan
I can't say i've tried a lot of fake tans so I can't compare this to anything but after seeing reviews with people comparing and preferring it to St Tropez I knew I had to try it. I'm fairly pale and having a bit of colour in summer is always nice as I tend to just burn so this is perfect! It doesn't make you orange and is fairly streak free so what's not to love? I've tried both the mousse and the spray and I definitely find the mousse the easiest to apply. Again it's really affordable and I don't really have any reason to try another brand.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural
This was (and still is) the most expensive make up product i've ever bought in my life. At £18.50 it wasn't cheap and I have to admit that when I first bought it I hated it. I just didn't like the way it sat on my skin or the effect it gave and I regretting spending so much money on it. I've actually started to warm to it now and use it everyday, I don't think it fully lives up to the hype and i'm kind of only using it now so I can justify buying it instead of leaving it unused. I don't think i'll repurchase it but you never know, when I switch back to a drugstore powder I might think differently. One thing I will say is that although £18.50 is an expensive pricetag, it does last a very long time so in a way it wasn't as bad as I initially thought. 

Oilatum Natural Repair Facecream
I, like a lot of other people, wanted this after seeing Nicola mention it as a bit of a savour to her dry skin. As someone with the same problem I thought it was worth trying especially as it wasn't expensive and with a lot of other good reviews from people like Sara I finally tracked it down in Sainsburys (it was completely sold out in Boots!) and I have to say i'm a convert. It definitely improves the way my dry skin looks, it doesn't break me out and it sits well under my foundation. The only thing I have found is that it runs out quite quickly but other than that I can see myself repurchasing it a lot!

I have to admit i'm very very close to succumbing to the Naked Palette hype even though i've got the Sleek Storm Palette and the Urban Decay Preen Palette and I don't actually need it. I think when funds allow (hello student loan and 19th birthday in September!) I will be treating myself to it :)

Also just a quick heads up that New Look are offering an item each day for just £1! Today's item is a Crochet Sundress so head over to their Facebook page each day to get your voucher!


  1. 'don't actually need it'?! Of course you need the Naked Palette! ;) It's amazing though, you really should buy it! xx

  2. I haven't been able to spy the oilatum product in my local boots or superdrug, keeping an eye out for it though - i've read really good reviews about it!

  3. I love Batiste, Tropical smells sooooo good! Wish we had St Moriz here in Canada, might buy it from Amazon some days...

  4. Thank you so much for following me! I'm following you back :)

    That’s So Fletch
    xo, Jay

  5. I've been meaning to get Oilatum for the longest time but I was enver sure if it was all hype - must search for it soon :)
    & I was thinking of getting mac's msf natural after all the raves I've heard bout it, think I might hold of though!! x