24 July 2011

We Are Listening And We're Not Blind, This Is Your Life This Is Your Time

.1. BBC Three, Friday Night at 9pm. Alex Lewis is an inspiration to us all.

.2. You could (Olly Murs style) say that i've been busy doing nothing this week. And I really enjoyed it. It's been the most peaceful quiet week i've had in a long time and although i've only been out of the house a couple of times it's been really nice being by myself for the majority of the day. I've also nearly finished decorating my room so hopefully i'll be able to share some photos when it's finished as i'm so happy it isn't lilac anymore!

.3. After reading Laura's post I decided it was about time I changed the polish on my toes to something more summery than red as it's the only colour I ever seem to paint them! I opted for Pink Parka by Essie which a really bright neon pink and I love it! It will look so much better with a tan but it's a nice change for the time being.

♥ Blog posts you need to read: Men are from Mars by Emma and Moving to Uni by Laura

♫ I'm currently listening to: Snow Patrol - Called Out In The Dark and Bluey Robinson, Swedish House Mafia, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Adele and The Wanted at iTunes Festival (They all did amazing sets!)


  1. I always look forawrd to yuor posts caz :)
    I always seem to paint my toe nails blue, I never really change it up, I really need to pick something more summery though!! x
    & loving those two posts you picked out x

  2. I saw that program, and it was hard viewing- heartbreaking but inspirational xx

  3. wonderful. and the polish is fitting!

  4. Great post, I need to paint my toe nails too!

  5. I managed to watch 'A Life Fast Forward' the other night and spent the majority of it sobbing. Definately makes you value your life and inspires you to make the most of the time you have. So happy he found someone to love and marry even though it broke my heart thinking how Allie must have felt knowing she was losing him :( xoxo

  6. love that nail polish! xx