7 August 2011

Keep Your Head Up, Keep Your Heart Strong

.1. I went out for my very first Indian on Monday night to catch up with a friend I haven't seen in forever. I don't really eat a lot of Indian food but I opted for Chicken Korma which was lovely and instead of rice I had a Naan Bread which was so good! On Wednesday we went to the park but after a few hours of ice cream and sunny weather it decided to rain and thunder (typical British weather!) so we headed back to my friends house. We had a bit of a gossip and then shared a Chinese which is always a winner (i've eaten out a bit too much this week!) :) 

.2. I went to the dentists on Thursday which wasn't fun, especially as I left with 2 appointments for fillings! My teeth are just crap and I don't drink many fizzy drinks or tea but I always manage to get holes in them! This is the last time i'll get free treatment too, I honestly don't think i'll be able to afford to go to the dentist once i'm a student so I might as well get them all filled now!

.3. This weekend I managed to have a massive clear out of the stuff that has piled up in my room as well as getting rid of other old things from around the house; I bet the charity shop love me! I ended up feeling a bit nostalgic as I discovered things like my old dolls I had when I was little which I was really attached to. I ended up not wanting to get rid of them but I suppose if they can find a new home instead of being kept in a cupboard unloved then it's a good thing. A post on my newly decorated room will be coming very soon - i'm just waiting for my new carpet - can't wait to get rid of my old pink one!

♥ On My Wishlist: Lightning Bolt Necklace by Gogo Philip (I really wish delivery wasn't £10!)

♫ I'm currently listening to: Ben Howard - Keep Your Head Up and Hey Rosetta! - Young Glass


  1. My room's being decorated too :) I don't think I did a very good job yesterday painting though as my Dad didn't want my help today lol I can't wait for it to be finished! xx

  2. Also can't wait to see your post on your newly decorated room once finished :) xx

  3. I absolutely love the photo you've chosen today! I still get overwhelmed how a simple photo can look so amazing - you've got an eye for picking out the great ones!
    I haven't been to the dentist in ages purely for the cost - I hate getting old haha xx

  4. booo about your teeth :( hopefully these will be the last fillings though! xx

  5. Can't wait to see your new room. I misread your first paragraph initially and thought you said you went for an Indian and then straightaway a Chinese!! Then realised that obviously you didn't! All sounds really yummy though xxx

  6. @Sarah - My Dad helped me with a lot of mine, I have no idea how to wallpaper neatly! Really want to get a few little bits like photo frames to finish my room off and then i'll take some photos :) x
    @Georgina - Thanks, i'm always so indecisive on which picture to choose, most of the time I want to use a food one haha, I love the outfit on this one! x
    @Emma - After these fillings I don't think i'll have many teeth left to fill! Fingers crossed though :) x
    @Emily - haha I don't think i'd be able to eat both, I always get so full after eating out! x

  7. excited to see your new room! love these posts by the way :) xoxo

  8. I keep having mini missions to sort out my room and have numerous huge bags to throw at the charity shop. It does feel good for having a thorough sort out!

  9. can't wait to see your room! i really need to have a big clearout.. i think theres more clothes than carpet visible on my floor right now!



  10. Hi.such a cute pics..I like go out time ti time for I Indian food :) have a nice day xx

  11. @Natalie - Thanks, glad you're enjoying them, they're my favourite to write :) x
    @Rachael - It does, I love the feeling of knowing everything is organised and also that i'm helping out a charity at the same time. x
    @Xiyin - haha my room gets like that sometimes and my wardrobe is a bit full at the minute! x
    @Style Point - thanks Indian food is becoming my favourite x