5 August 2011

Record Of The Week: Ben Howard

Really not been feeling the whole blogging thing this week hence my lack of posts. Not sure what's go into me to be honest but I just don't feel inspired to write anything interesting. I thought i'd do a quick Record of the Week anyway, I like doing really simple posts and it's nice to look back on the music i've loved :)

I've only recently started listening to Ben Howard's music but so far i'm really liking the summery sound it has. Keep Your Head Up is a track I heard on Radio 1 and i've been listening to it ever since. Ben's music is sort of similar to Jason Mraz and Benjamin Francis Leftwich so if that's your kind of music then maybe you'll like this. Ben's album is out on October 3rd so i've got a while to wait but i'm really looking forward to it after hearing a little teaser.

This is the acoustic version of this song but if you have a listen here from 3:45 you can hear the recorded version :)


  1. I like these record of the week posts :) don't know if you've ever posted anything from it before (apologies if you have!) but have you heard Burberry Acoustics or Watch Listen Tell on YouTube? I think you'd like it! I definitely prefer acoustic versions most of the time x

  2. @Jade: Thanks, i've been subscribed to the Burberry Channel for a while - One Night Only's video on their channel is one of my favourites :) Just had a listen to some of the Watch Listen Tell videos and there are some really good ones, i'll hopefully find some more new bands to listen to, thanks for your suggestions! xx