23 September 2011

Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Got a music post for you guys today. A couple of months ago I downloaded Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Benjamin Francis Leftwich's albums and I thought i'd share my thoughts on them.
If you've been following my blog for a while you'll know that I tend to stick to male artists and bands; there isn't really a reason for this it's just what I enjoy the most. I do like some female artists - Ellie Goulding and Adele are amazing but after hearing Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez's albums i've found some new loves. There are a few tracks on 4 that have similar names to Love, it definitely caused a bit of confusion when I was writing this but it's all sorted now haha!
4 by Beyoncé 
This album made me realise how amazing and powerful Beyoncé's voice really is. I can see what all the hype about her performing at Glastonbury was all about and i'd definitely love to see her live! My favourite tracks from this album have to be Start Over, I Was Here and Best Thing I Never Had. I actually got the Deluxe Edition of 4 so overall my favourite track is actually Schoolin' Life as it has such a fun sound.
Best track: Start Over

Love? by Jennifer Lopez
One of my favourite tracks on this album is Papi which is actually featured on the end of the I'm Into You video. It's a really dancey track and I have massive hair envy on that part of the video too! I can definitely see Invading My Mind and Hypnotico doing really well if Jennifer released them. Until It Beats No More is a track that shows off Jennifer's voice and i've had it on repeat a lot. I'd describe Run The World as cute. Not sure why but it's just one of those songs, I think you need to listen to it to understand what I mean, I love it anyway!
Best Track: Run The World

Last Smoke Before The Snowstorm by Benjamin Francis Leftwich
I've loved Ben's music for a while and his album was eagerly anticipated. I had already heard quite a few of the tracks (Pictures, Atlas Hands and Box Of Stones) so I knew it would be a lovely album to listen to. To be fair there isn't a track on there I don't like but Shine, Snowship and Butterfly Culture are little gems.
Best Track: Snowship

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  1. I LOVE Beyonce's album. I love Countdown (and Run the World - it was really the reason I bought the album). The whole album is good though. One of my favourite albums at the moment!

    I haven't listened to any of the others, except the tracks which have been released so I might give them a go! Thanks for the recommendations!

    A xxx

  2. I absolutely love Beyonce's End of Time and Run the World! :)