11 September 2011

I'm Out Of Sight, I'm Out Of Mind

This is my first blogpost from uni! :) I'm finally here after some really last minute packing! I didn't actually go out last night - I bonded with my flatmates by getting drunk in our flat which was good and we all seem to get on well which i'm so happy and relieved about! I think i'm going out tonight though - we just need to decide where as freshers isn't for another week! I kind of started off the student lifestyle badly by having Jaffa Cakes for my tea last night because I couldn't be bothered to cook! I promise to eat something decent today ;) Good luck to anyone moving to uni in the next couple of weeks - my only tip would be to venture out of your room and talk to your flatmates, even if it feels really out of your comfort zone it's definitely worth it!

♥ Blog posts you need to read: Phoebe's 'Need To Know' series for freshers.

♫ I'm currently listening to: Ed Sheeran - Lego House and Pixie Lott- All About Tonight (Acoustic)


  1. Haha got to love some Jaffa Cakes! x

  2. Have a fantastic time in Uni - enjoy every minute! xx

  3. Glad you're settling into uni all right, but you're wrong.. you are starting off the student lifestyle perfecttlyyy by having jaffacakes fr dinner - get used to it ;). cant get away with that kind of stuff once you're finished!

    hope you find somewhere good for tonight and have fun! university is the best :) xx

  4. Glad you are enjoying uni. I had a blast in my first flat (1st year was in halls which was another story altogether!) Enjoy the jaffa cakes!

  5. Glad to hear that everyone's nice and you seem to be settling in well! Hope it's the same for me; I move on Saturday! Got one week to find confidence from somewhere haha x

  6. Yey glad to hear your settling in well!

  7. So pleased it's gotten off to a good start! Sounds like you're the perfect student already with your jaffa cakes! Glad you get on with your flatmates, hope you all have a wicked night tonight xxx

  8. Glad your settling in well.
    Have an amazing time!!

  9. Glad it's going well so far. I remember my first day(s) at uni and it was so exciting. Am actually posting a blog post this week about my uni experience and tips for freshers.

    Honestly, enjoy yourself. You will remember these years for the rest of your life!

    Rebecca xx (www.oh-panda.com)

  10. Thanks for the mention :)
    Good luck with your time there, it will all come so naturally soon!
    Hope you had a good first night out!

  11. that looks amazing :) now i want to have a cupcake real fast :)