2 September 2011

University Advice

I had so many comments on my University Advice post and I can honestly say that I feel so much more confident about going after reading them all! Hopefully this will also be useful to anyone starting this year or in future years too. I was originally going to put all the comments into one post but I decided it would end up really long and some of them were quite similar so i've tried to simplify them where I could. If you want to read all the responses click here as i've put them all into a page (i'm good to you all aren't I?!)

Get organised - buy dividers for folders and print out a calendar and record all important info such as rent payments and deadlines each month.
Use the library - don't buy all the textbooks on your reading list as you might not need them - the library is a really convenient option or try and buy books second hand.

Learn to reference properly - this will save you so much time and help to improve your grades.

Don't leave essays till the last minute - it goes without saying, you will regret it!

Get an NUS card - hello student discount! ;)

Make the most of every opportunity - university is one of the best times to try new things you might never have thought of so say yes to any opportunities you're given.

Be confident, open minded and don't be shy or nervous - everyone is in the same boat.
Enjoy every minute of university - it will go by a lot quicker than you think!

Get a part-time job - it's not always easy to find one but if you can you'll be grateful for the extra £s and the new people you meet.

Budget - you don't need to be living out of your overdraft - work out how much you have to spend each week and stick to it! There will still be enough to treat yourself occasionally if you're careful with your money in the long run. 
Buy lots of fancy dress items - it's one of the things uni is well known for and you'll definitely be dressing up a few times during freshers week! Have a look in pound shops for affordable clothes and accessories before you go and take any you already have as there will always be an opportunity to wear them!

Everyone gets homesick - it's probably the first time you've lived away from home so don't expect not to miss it. Keep yourself busy and try to avoid going home any more than once a month to begin with so that you settle in properly. Your flatmates will probably feel the same so don't think you're the only one.

Buy before you go - shampoo, shower gel, facewash and loo roll are just some of the things you should buy before you go. You won't need to worry about buying them when you get there which means more money to spend in freshers week!
Freshers flu exists - lots of students get freshers flu so stock up on Paracetamol, Lemsip and throat sweets.

Leave your door open - this is a really useful tip particularly in the first few weeks; when you're in your room leave the door open so you can easily chat and get to know your flatmates.

Thank you to everyone who offered their advice!


  1. This is all brilliant advice! Definitely pack Lemsip etc for Fresher's Flu - medicine is SO expensive. Learning to budget properly is great too - I've made it through 5 years of uni without any overdraft, and never seemed to be much worse off than people who did!

    One word of advice though - you don't necessarily need to spend money on an official NUS card to get student discount (unless you're only shopping online). If your University library card has an expiration date then most places will accept it!

  2. Thanks for putting this post together! It really is useful. I'm not organised at all at the moment. I can't bring myself to start preparing! x

  3. I've just graduated and can tell you that all this advice is spot on! I didn't get a part time job and I so wish I had, my overdraft is horrendous! xxxxx

  4. It's so true about leaving your door open I had a room that was right onto the living space so it was really handy keeping it open - was more welcoming to people. I didn't have a part time job but this is before all the student loans and fees changed so it's probably different these days.

  5. Great post simplifying all the advice, and thanks for linking to my blog! Glad you feel more confident about going now xx

  6. You will be absolutely fine my lovely. Have fun!