26 September 2011

We Might As Well Be Playing With Lightning

.1. I've had another crazy week of uni! I celebrated my nineteenth on Wednesday - I can't say everything really went to plan but I still had a good night. I didn't enjoy sitting in pointless lectures all day though! I currently have freshers flu and i've nearly lost my voice which i'm gutted about! To be fair it was going to happen as i've not exactly been eating healthily, sleeping enough or looking after myself but it's all part of being a student ;) I'm going out tonight as a geek even though i'm ill and I have a lecture at 9 tomorrow - I really need to start behaving myself!

.2. I had my first Nandos on Friday which was nice. I opted for a chicken wrap as i'm not the biggest lover of spicy foods but it was quite mild so I might be a bit more adventurous next time I go in! Feel free to give me some suggestions!

.3. Yesterday I went home for the day to see my family which is why I didn't have time to post this. Really gutted as i've kept it up for so long and now this post is late! It was really nice to see my pets more than anything as i've missed them lots and they all seemed pleased to see me :) I also had a power shower which was so good as the one I have at uni is rubbish and it takes forever to wash my hair!

♥  of the week: My new Topshop Black Shirt, couldn't find it on the website but it was a cheeky splurge when I got my student loan ;)

♫ I'm currently listening to: The Wanted - Lightning and Jason Derulo - Pick Up The Pieces


  1. Love the chicken Caesar salad from Nando's even though their portions are huge