4 September 2011

We Never Made It Very Far Away From Here

.1. This is my last Sunday post at home! That's such a scary thought but in a week i'll have spent my first night as a student at uni! I would love to say i'm really excited but I haven't even bought anything yet which is just leaving it all wayyy too last minute for my liking! I'm thinking of buying some fancy dress things sometime this week as even though I live in a tiny little village we actually have a fancy dress shop which isn't too expensive :)

.2. I made a little ASOS order last week which i'm excited to get as I ordered these boots. I've been looking for some affordable ones that will be ok for Freshers that won't matter too much if they get worn to death! I thought i'd make the most of being able to get stuff delivered easily as i'm not sure whether it's easy to get things delivered to uni. I was a bit annoyed when ASOS offered free next day delivery the day after i'd ordered though; don't you just hate it when that happens?!

.3. I've been writing my Sunday posts for 50 weeks this week (if i've counted right)! I'm really proud of this as i've posted them every Sunday for almost a year without fail and i've genuinely loved writing every single one as they're like a little diary to me :) Hopefully i'll be able to keep them up but i'm not sure how good the internet will be at uni or how much time i'll have to write them; I really hope I can though! I've just had a read of my very first Sunday post and i'm just about to start the uni I mentioned in the post which I thought was quite cool ;) 

♥ On My Wishlist: Rabbit Vinyl Record Wall Clock


  1. Good luck next week! x

  2. Love your new boots.
    Good luck at uni!

  3. Have a fab time moving next week. I'm sure if your in halls that you'll have good internet and a good post service. I remember my first year at uni, it was when I first discovered asos and the reception men used to know the asos parcels were always for me :S
    Congrats on keeping up your Sunday posts. They've always been my favourite aspect of your blog (I've recently changed my blog name so have been following under another name for ages now).

  4. Those ASOS boots are gorgeous Caz, they'll get a lot of wear in Freshers if you wear them as much as I wore my shoe boots. Good luck with your move to Uni sweetie, such a exciting time, I'm so jealous haha. xx

  5. Love the boots, such a good bargain :o didn't realise there was a clearance still; going to have a browse in a minute! And wow you're going so soon :o good luck with the moving etc! Definitely try a Krispy Kreme asap!! x

  6. Those boots are stunning and will definitely be great for uni night out! Good luck :). I hope you settle in really quickly. xo

  7. Good luck :D Uni is loads of fun You'll meet so many amazing people have fun I know I did :D

  8. Definitely a good idea to stock up on some fancy dress pieces before you go :) You'd be surprised what bits you can pick up in Primark too which you could turn into fancy dress! xx