16 October 2011

Give Me Shelter, Or Show Me Heart

.1. Today i'm blogging from my room at home which i'm loving! I've been here since Friday and it's so nice to sleep in a comfy bed and not have to think too much about what meal i've got to make next! I'm going back to uni later tonight and as i've brought all my washing back I now have a huge suitcase and lots of food to take back - i'm going to look like i'm moving in again!

.2. Uni has been alright for the past week, lectures aren't too bad and we haven't been given much work to do so i'm happy! As much as I love living on the top floor we're a very noisy flat especially at 11 when we're drunkenly walking down the stairs singing or 3am when we're coming back in! We got a letter on Thursday saying that we have to be quiet for 2 weeks or we might get kicked out so we're going to have to go out less and stop shouting! We're trying to see the funny side of it instead of getting angry with whoever it was that reported us ;)

.3. Even though I haven't had a lot of time today i've still found the time to finally use my Model's Own Nail Art Pen to create some leopard print nails. I'll try and take a photo of them for a little blogpost at some point instead of trying to describe the colours i've used. I'm hoping that my pen won't dry out now i've started using it!

♥ of the week: My new H&M feather earrings - I lost one of my old ones on a night out and was gutted as I didn't think they'd still have them in store. They are a slightly different colour but i'll definitely be wearing them lots!

♫ I'm currently listening to: Ben Howard - Only Love and Labrinth - Earthquake ft. Tinie Tempah


  1. Sounds lovely - there's no place like home! Especially when you can get all your washing done and stock up on food! :) How funny about someone complaining about your noisiness - that's what Uni's for!xxx

  2. Glad you're enjoying uni bb even if your neighbours aren't lmao!