9 October 2011

This Isn't Everything You Are

1. I've just got back from sitting in A&E for 3 hours with my flatmate. She's fine and hasn't fractured her knee like we first thought so it's all good although hospitals are seriously boring, especially when there is nothing to read, no TV and no shop! We were sat there thinking of things to gossip about or watching the doctors walk up and down the corridors instead of seeing patients!

.2. I've had another week of going out, boring lectures and all that uni related stuff but i'm really looking forward to Friday when i'm going home for the weekend. I can't wait to have a power shower and eat some nice food and i'm hopefully going out for a meal for my birthday - only a month late ;) I've also had a few ideas for blog posts so fingers crossed i'll have the chance to write them and take a few photos.

.3. I finally started catching up on X Factor; i've missed a lot of the earlier shows but I find it easier to watch it all on YouTube where I can skip all the adverts and I don't have to sit there for hours! My favourite from last night's show was James Michael; there were quite a few acts that I wanted to like but just didn't live up to my expectations - I definitely think Marcus Collins had a bad song choice!

♥ of the week: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle - i'll be blogging about this soon!

♫ I'm currently listening to: Enrique Iglesias - I Like How It Feels and Snow Patrol - This Isn't Everything You Are


  1. In my freshers week I had to go to A&E with my housemate - it was a great bonding experience with all those hours with nothing to do and we're now best friends so i'd definitely recommend it!

  2. Blimey, Uni is certainly being eventful for you! Have a fun time when you visit home.


  3. It really makes you appreciate your home comforts when your away at uni. I've become hooked on X Factor this weekend too! x