23 October 2011

You Use Your Heart As A Weapon, And It Hurts Like Heaven

.1. I've been watching quite a bit of TV recently and it made my week when I saw that Junior Doctors: Your Life in Their Hands: One Year Check Up was on! I've got my fingers crossed they'll make another series as I was addicted to it last time! My flatmates are all Made In Chelsea addicts so I watched my first full episode this week. I didn't think it was too bad and I can see myself enjoying the rest of the series when I get to know who everyone is! I also watched Gossip Girl for the first time and I can definitely see why everyone loves a bit of Chace Crawford ;)

.2. I know i've been promising that i'll blog in the past few weeks but i'm actually hoping to make it happen this week. I don't think my photos will be too good though as the lighting in my room is really bad! I didn't think i'd ever end up not having the time to blog properly but I always seem to be sleeping, eating or at uni! ;)

.3. I went home on Friday again as I had to pick up some things i'd ordered and got send home. I also tried to give blood for the sixth time, it didn't work again because my veins aren't very good so I was gutted as I have a rare blood type which they really need! I also had my hair cut (although you can't tell!) and fitted in a bit of shopping before going back to uni for a night out yesterday!

♥ of the week: Ben from The Suburbians thanking me for making them my Record Of The Week, felt slightly starstruck when I opened my Inbox especially as they've been touring in Canada recently!

♫ I'm currently listening to: Coldplay - Hurts Like Heaven and lots of Ben Howard!


  1. Ive always thought about giving blood as my blood is also rare. Ive put it off because when I had blood took in hospital I fainted... I think im going to bite the bullet soon and just do it x x

  2. I love that Junior Doctors programme too, so interesting! x

  3. I love that you love Ben Howard - he's my favourite solo artist at the moment! xo

  4. Ooooh! I LOVE Made in chelsea! It's one of my favourites! I've been Sky+ ing the series so I can have a marathon day one Sunday!

  5. I've got totally hooked on Made in Chelsea, can't stand the Essex version however!

  6. oooo i remember the days of eatin, sleepin or at uni and the nights of drunkenly, disorderly behaviour >.< haha aw man your posts make me miss bein at uni ^_^