11 December 2011

One Day We're Gonna Live In Paris, I Promise

snowing gif
.1. I really shouldn't be writing this as I have a 2,500 word Marketing Plan to write that i've just found is in for Tuesday and not Friday like I first thought! I'm finding it hard to find the motivation to do it and I have no idea what to do when it comes to references! I got a bit stressed out this week about all the work i've got to do which isn't something i've had trouble with before but I went home on Friday for the day and also had a night out last night which have made me a bit happier.

.2. In a week's time i'll be home for Christmas and I honestly can't wait! Muffin is in need of a haircut and lots of cuddles which i'm very much looking forward to sorting out haha. She's 5 this month and lives a quiet little life although she still eats absolutely everything! I didn't think it was possible to miss a pet as much as I do here but it makes going home that little bit better :)

.3. I've lost misplaced my camera and I genuinely have no idea where it is! I actually want to blog but until I find it its not going to happen :( I'm hoping it will turn up when I sort out the things i'm taking home for Christmas as it's got to be in this room somewhere! I've got quite a few new clothes that I want to share and maybe a few OOTDs as lighting at home is a lot better too.

♥ of the week: I wore this top last night and i'm in love with the colour!

♫ I'm currently listening to: White Lies - The Power and the Glory and Friendly Fires - Paris


  1. I'd miss my dog if I didn't live at home, so I feel your pain when missing your pets ;-). Hope you find your camera soon! xx

  2. Good luck with your essay. I can't believe it's under 2 weeks now till Christmas! x

  3. love the photo- hope you find your camera back!