21 December 2011

A Little Christmas Wishlist

I genuinely can't believe it's Christmas in four days! These are some of the things i'd love to be getting although its not going to happen since I haven't shared this wishlist with anyone! I'll definitely be getting myself a new purse as my 7 year old Topshop one is getting a little bit old and doesn't fit my cards in it! I'm loving the colour and design of the River Island one, if I don't find a nice one in the sales I might have to have a little splurge!

I'm just about to go Christmas shopping, yes i've left it ridiculously late and i'm probably going to get crushed by the millions of the people who have made the same mistake as me. I've got a list which I need to stick to as I have a bit of a habit of picking up things for myself, yes, even four days before Christmas!

I couldn't finish this post without saying Happy 5th Birthday to my little beaut Muffin! I've missed her so much while i've been at uni and after a haircut and lots of cuddles we're both smiling again :) I've never had a Guinea Pig that has lived longer than 4 so i'm making the most of every minute with Muffin, although she hasn't really showed any signs of slowing down in her old age haha. 


  1. That Marc Jacobs watch is gorgeous! I'd definitely recommend getting one of the big River Island purses, I've had mine for 1 or 2 years now and it's perfect, still looks as good as new! Unless your silly like my mum who bought a white one and it's now all grubby ;-) xx

  2. Naww happy birthday Muffin! And i love that top btw :)

  3. Aww happy birthday muffin, she's so cute! xxx

  4. I love the hangover :) , happy birthday muffin .

  5. I love that Marc Jacobs watch! I read that series of Lindsay Kelk books too, I'm up to I heart Paris! Hope you got your shopping done, I've still got to finish mine today.. hoping it's not too mad out there! x

  6. The Marc Jacobs watch is amazing!!! I love all of his watches :)
    and those chocolates look so yummy!

    Cute blog post!


  7. The book, top, nailvarnish and top and all thing's I'm currently lusting after! & I've just finished my Nina Ricci perfume! What a gorgeous wishlist :) xx