19 February 2012

One Moment To Another, A World To Be Discovered

.1. I'm currently sat here eating a packet of Marmite crisps and listening to Emeli Sande, it's nice to finally have a little bit of time to myself as i've missed updating my blog and catching up on all my favourites. I've been at home since Friday and i'm really not looking forward to going back to uni later tonight! I'm spending the rest of the week alone in my flat as my flatmates all have a reading week and have gone home. I'm planning on doing lots of work on my assignments so I suppose its going to work to my advantage :)

.2. I gave blood on Friday and for once it went really well. I don't have a bruise and managed to give a full donation which i'm so happy about. Fingers crossed that Tom will be there when I donate again in June as he's the only person who has managed to make donating go well for me! My addiction to shows like Junior Doctors, Confessions Of A Nurse and One Born Every Minute mean thats its even more rewarding when I think about who my blood might have helped.

.3. I haven't really done much this week; I didn't do anything too special for Valentine's Day as i'm single - me and my flatmates went out to one of our favourite clubs and had a really good night from what I can remember! I don't think i've shared it here but i've had instagram for a while (little_caz) and i've been finding it really addictive recently so feel free to follow me and i'll follow back :)

♥ of the week: Emeli Sande - Our Version Of Events - you're missing out if you haven't listened to this album yet!

♫ I'm currently listening to: Labrinth - Last Time and Drake ft Rihanna - Take Care


  1. ooh, i love Emeli Sande, have you heard her song Clown? It's so beautiful. Lovely image by the way :)

    1. I have, I love it! Can't really pick a favourite from her album - I think i've listened to River and Read All About It the most though :) I'd love to see her live! x