29 April 2012

Look What They Made, They Made It For Me; Happy Technology


.1. I didn't manage to write one of these posts last week as I was getting ready to go out for Carnage and everything was a bit hectic. I've been out quite a lot in the past couple of weeks and i'm making the most of it as my first year of uni is nearly over! I won't be going out much in the next few weeks as I need to get my head down and revise! I'm home from uni for the weekend and on Friday night I went out for a few drinks with my friends as they were home too. We ended up spontaneously having a night out which was really unexpected and even though I felt a bit underdressed we had such a good night and i'd definitely do it again!

.2. I went out as a Smurf on Tuesday night which was really fun; we made our own facepaint using acrylic paint and ink which wasn't the best idea but the facepaint that we originally bought was rubbish and didn't even make our faces blue at all! Luckily it washed off and I managed to go into uni with a normal coloured face ;) I had an accountancy exam the day after and was really hungover so I didn't revise much; by some kind of miracle I passed and did a lot better than I expected so that's one module i'll never have to do again! 

.3. I made a cheeky Topshop last week; I rarely buy anything from there (especially full price things) as in my opinion it's really expensive but i'd seen a few things I really liked and thought i'd treat myself for once. I bought a studded top and some USA shorts which i've been wanting for a while, I really like them and I know i'll wear them a lot so I don't think they're a purchase i'm going to regret. 

♥ of the week: i'm loving this skirt and this top (in both colours) from Missguided


  1. I went to a Smurf night when I was at Uni, it was awesome! Unfortunately, I DIDN'T manage to get all the face paint off so I was slightly blue-tinged the next day, ultimate cringe! x

  2. Smurf night sounds like so much fun! Don't think I'd be able to brave the blue face paint though in fear that I'd be tinted blue for a while, haha! I guess it's all part of the fun though! x x