2 May 2012

H&M Online: An Update

In 2010 I wrote a post about H&M Online and after getting quite a lot of comments i've decided to write a bit of an update. I've ordered from H&M several times now and I think i've just about got my head around their very confusing online shopping experience. I wouldn't say there's anything wrong with it; it's just not clear enough about how it works and if you're not very patient I wouldn't say that you'd be the most satisfied customer in the world. I love H&M for their affordable prices and the range of clothes they offer and if i'm shopping online or in one of their stores I know there will be something in there that i'll like.

I think the main thing that people are getting frustrated about is that not every item that is available is in stock for immediate dispatch. This means that you'll be given an estimated date of dispatch which can range from a few days to a few months meaning that it might be quicker to purchase from a store rather than online. I have found that some items are dispatched a lot quicker than the date you're given so I don't always look at it when i'm making an order. There have also been times when my order has been separated up at the checkout because of dispatch dates and i've not been allowed to purchase some items which seems a bit stupid. To get around this I just find a similar cheap item with a similar dispatch date and add it to my basket. If you're lucky the item you want will be dispatched first and you can cancel the item you don't want in the My H&M section of your account. Alternatively you can just return the item you don't want to a store and you can  still purchase the item you do want.

I've also found that when H&M say they've dispatched your order it probably won't get to you until about a week after that date which is something to bear in mind. If you've made quite a big order it will probably come with a proper delivery driver (you can check by going into your account and seeing if it allows you to track your order) which means you'll have a good idea of when it will arrive. H&M normally send you a text on the morning that your order will arrive too. Smaller orders will come with Royal Mail so you have to be fairly patient (we all have our own idea of how reliable Royal Mail are!) mine usually comes with my normal postman but I think it might depend on where you live.

In terms of returns; i've only ever returned something to a store which has never been a problem. You don't get the money refunded onto the card you paid on but instead you get a Gift Card containing the value which you can spend in store. I don't mind this but if you're not the biggest lover of H&M or you don't have a store near you then this might be a bit of a problem. There is an alternative returns service which i've never used myself which might be a bit more convenient especially if you want the money refunding back onto your card.

My favourite thing about their online store is the fact there are always a few discount codes floating around so I rarely pay the same as i'd pay if I was to visit a store. I've always thought £3.95 for delivery was expensive but their £5 off discount code (1304) works a treat every time I make an order so I always get £1.05 off my order and free delivery which isn't something to complain about! There are also a few codes around for things like 10% off your entire order or 25% off one item so you can usual get yourself an additional saving there too :)

I hope this is helpful and if anyone has any comments or anything else to add feel free to let me know below :)


  1. I've never bought from H&M online before (actually I rarely buy from H&M thinking about about it) but I have seen the discount codes around, maybe this is why they keep offering codes because they're struggling to keep customers?

  2. I never knew about that £5 off code! Thanks!! And this post was really useful, I made an order when they first introduced the shop online system and some of my stuff took 2 months to arrive, all in dribs and drabs. Might order again soon x

  3. I didnt even know H&M was selling online.. :$

  4. I've never ordered from H&M online but this is so helpful, I'll definitely keep an eye out for the discount codes. x

  5. I've only made one order before and I didn't have a very good experience, quite a lot of the sizing was off so I sent most of it back although it took over 5 weeks got get a refund, needless to say I wasn't very happy.