6 May 2012

You Know I Said It's True I Can Feel The Love Can You Feel It Too?


.1. On Thursday I spent 15 hours working in a polling station with my mum; we were in the middle of nowhere so it was really quiet and I spent most of the day reading magazines even though I should have been revising! It wasn't too boring though as I met so many different people and i'll hopefully be able to do it again on the next elections. 

.2. On Monday I went out dressed as a geek and had one of the best nights i've had in a long time! It was a spontaneous decision to go out but I don't think i've ever laughed so much in one night and it's making me even more gutted that after tonight me and my flatmates won't be having another night out at uni together until freshers in September. Fingers crossed we'll be meeting up over the summer a few times and experiencing a few nights out all over the country as we're all from different places. 

.3. I have exams on Tuesday and Wednesday this week and that's my first year over with. I'm dreading them as i've found it hard to motivate myself to revise and there's a lot to learn! I'm really hoping i'll pass them and make it into my second year as I don't think I could bring myself to re-take my first year again! I can't say i'm enjoying my course as much as I should be as it's quite boring and not in any way as creative as I hoped it would be! I'm hoping second year will be better but as long as I have as much fun as i've had this year I don't think i'll mind as much ;)

♥ of the week: my new Black Tied Cross Bracelet

♫ I'm currently listening to: Rudimental - Feel The Love and Youcef Preston - Domino (cover)


  1. Ahh, I am 100% with you on number 3! I have exams Tuesday and Thursday and I feel as if I don't know enough!I keep trying to revise, but once a little information sinks in, I'm bored and want to do something else. Absolute nightmare. I'm also with you on the first year matter, if it came down to it I wouldn't take my first year again! I just don't think I could put my life on repeat like that.
    I hope you are well and having a lovely bank holiday! xxx

  2. Spontaneous nights out always end up being the best! Big good luck for your exams this week! I've just finished my last piece of work and it's ready to be submitted on Tuesday and then my first year is done :o crazy and yeah, most of the time my course is a massive snoozefest x