7 June 2012

Review: Carmex

I dont really know why but i've never used Carmex before. A lot of my friends use it and i've tried it but it's not something i've ever thought about buying; I do have far too many lip products that need using up so that's probably why as I haven't bought any in a long time!

I was sent a few Carmex products and thanks to my life being a little bit hectic i've been trying them out for a few months. I've finally found the time to sit down, take some photos and blog properly which has been nice!

Classic Carmex
I think this is the product that Carmex are most well known for and I can see myself using it a lot especially in winter. It gives your lips a really simple sheen and has a minty taste which makes your lips tingle when you first use it. I can see this little pot lasting me a while so at less than £3 it's definitely worth the money.

Strawberry Carmex
I really like the consistency of this as its a bit like a clear lipgloss and is good if you've got dry lips and want them to have a bit of a shine. I've been using it lots in the recent hot weather as it has SPF15 and gives them some protection from the sun. I really like the Strawberry flavour and I found that it was also nice to use on nights out when I didn't want to wear a lipstick.

Carmex Moisture Plus - Peach Sheer Tint
Out of the three this is my favourite as it acts as a lip balm but adds a bit of colour which is good when you don't want to wear a lipstick. I really like the Peach flavour and it's quite soft and easy to apply. I've been wearing it day to day but also for nights out and although i've used it a lot it doesn't seem to have used a lot of the product. The Peach flavour is nice and isn't really strong which I liked and for less than £5 I can see myself repurchasing it again.  


  1. Carmex are one of the few products that actually don't dry my lips out even more. I love their range of products but I haven't tried their lip balm - looks really nice!

  2. i love carmex products! haven't tried the sheer tints yet though but they look lovely! xo

  3. I could not live with out carmex, such an affordable lip balm that works amazingly.


  4. Wow nice we got here but not all range


  5. I love carmex lip balms :) I need to try the moisture plus!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  6. Ahh I love carmex, the cherry balm is to die for! Fern, xo


  7. I've always been a Carmex girl, a lot of love for their brand! xxx

  8. I love the strawberry Carmex mmm. Definitely going to track down the peach lip balm, loving peachiness at the moment.xx

  9. So glad Carmex are now doing coloured lip balms! I adore Carmex and swear by it, especially in the winter. Enjoy! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk