20 June 2012

Review: Fake Tans for Summer

I like fake tan; I don't use it religiously but it's nice to wear it on nights out when I don't want my legs to look ridiculously pale! I thought i'd review a few of the ones i've tried recently as it's getting closer to summer and it might be helpful for anyone looking to try a new one.

 St Moriz Mousse
This is the fake tan that i've been using the longest; there was a lot of hype about it a few years ago so I bought a few bottles and I really like the colour that it gives. I've never tried a high end fake tan as I don't really think it's worth it as I don't wear it often enough and it seems like a waste of money when you're washing it all away in the shower! St Moriz is super affordable and fairly easy to apply. It's also really buildable so you can make it as dark as you want and it develops into a nice natural colour.

Boots Soltan Mousse
This is the newest fake tan that i've bought as it was on offer and I thought it was about time I tried something different to St Moriz. I read some good reviews before I bought it and I was really happy with the overall result. It develops into quite a dark tan but after washing it off it looks really nice and lasts a bit longer than St Moriz so i'd really recommend it.

Garnier Summer Body
I've been using this for a few years and i've seen it in lots of favourites posts recently too. I have found that my skin does react to it and I sometimes get a bit of a rash on my arms when I use it but it hasn't really put me off. I know a few other bloggers have had the same problem but for the low price and natural tan that it gives I think it's worth the trouble!

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan
I bought this after seeing my flatmate wearing it and I really liked the colour it gave. As it's wash off I only wear it if I know it's not going to rain although i've worn it on nights out and had drink poured down my legs which isn't a good look! I've got it in medium which is quite dark and I also accidentally bought the shimmery one but I still like the effect it gives and it's good when you don't have time to wait for your fake tan to develop.


  1. I've tried the rimmel sun shimmer tan before and I agree it is quite good! I quite like fakebake's instant tan aswell, it's what I'm using at the moment. Really want to try st.moriz though! x
    Dreams and Dresses

  2. I reacted to the Garnier Summer Body too. I kept getting itchy red patches on my neck. I do like the Palmer's gradual tanner, you should try it, it's only about £5.

  3. Love st moriz! Used to used Garnier Summer Body, had no reaction to it but I just got tired of using it, wasn't really what I wanted I suppose. Want to try the Boots Soltan Mousse :) xx

  4. Rimmel sun shimmer is now available in waterproof so you are safe in the rain and next to clumsy drunk people! :) x