27 July 2012

My eBay Shopping Basket

I love Victoria's eBay posts so I thought i'd share a few of the things that are currently in my eBay shopping basket. I haven't had an account for long but I love finding little bargains and things you can't get on the high street.
Silver Skull Bracelet - i've seen these everywhere and I love how they can give any outfit a bit of an edge. There are so many pieces of jewellery on eBay from China and Hong Kong that are just the same as Topshop and other more expensive shops so eBay is always worth a look before you make a purchase.

Black Bow Heels - these are really similar to some i've seen in Schuh but for a fraction of the price. I'm a bit wary of buying shoes from eBay as I always worry they might not fit properly but there are so many nice heels on there that i'm sure i'll end up buying a pair at some point!

Warehouse Studded Collar Top - I love the detailing on this top and its one that you could easily dress up or down and it will also go with everything.

Cranberry Dip Hem Skirt - these are in so many shops at the minute and they're really flattering and perfect for summer. At under £6 each i'm considering buying one in every colour!

Double Ear Cuff - I'm really indecisive and I think i'd probably regret getting my cartilage pierced so this is perfect for pretending that I do!


  1. I have decided that the bracelet needs to be in my life. Its so nice and for a good price! Im gonna have to get on ebay a bit more. x

  2. Lovely pieces, the blouse is adorable!


  3. Definitely going to have to look at that dip hem skirt, so pretty! I love the double ear cuff, way too much of a wimp to get my cartilage done so, like you said, perfect for pretending. :) xx