29 July 2012

You Burn With The Brightest Flame And The World's Gonna Know Your Name


.1. I watched the Olympics Opening Ceremony on Friday night like the majority of the UK; I found it a bit boring to begin with but it got a lot better and I loved the music they chose. My favourite parts were probably Mr Bean and David Beckham's appearances and Emeli Sande's performance too. I haven't really been glued to my TV as i'm not a massive sports fan but I love watching the swimming, rowing and cycling even though they just make me feel guilty for being unfit!

.2. I finally gave blood on Wednesday; I only gave a little bit as it went wrong last time and they need to test it to see if I can give it properly again. It wasn't too bad although i've got a nice bruise as usual (my veins are shocking) but a chinese and much awaited catch up with the girls was the perfect way to end my day :)

.3. I found the motivation to start writing my CV yesterday so that I can apply for some placements for 2013. I'm not expecting it to be easy as I have no experience in a marketing job but i'm thinking of mentioning my blog as i'd love a placement in digital marketing or social media. I'm in two minds about it as I don't know if it would actually benefit me to talk about it especially as it's just a hobby but equally I know how important blogging and social networking are at the minute for brands.

♥ of the week: the Sorted website has given me so much food inspiration; I can't wait to get back to uni and start cooking some decent meals for myself! This Lemon Meringue Pie and Italian Chicken Burger are at the top of my list :)

♫ I'm currently listening to: The Script - Hall of Fame ft. will.i.am and Delphic - Good Life


  1. Hurrah for giving blood! Boo to bruises though, I hate it when I take someone's blood and bruise them :(

  2. Well done for giving blood, you should be so proud :)


  3. Well done you on giving blood! Ooh I love watching the Olympics but I know what you mean about feeling guilty, it makes me feel so unfit!


  4. I'm applying for jobs at the minute and whilst my blog is still in its absolute infancy I can't help but think that sort of thing will set me apart from other candidates as tangible evidence of my skills and interest area. I say go for it - being able to demonstrate that you've maintained something that has drawn followers, got them to interact with you and kept them interested could really work in your favour. Cx