4 July 2012

June Favourites: Beauty, Music & more

I can't remember the last time I wrote a favourites post so this is a little round-up of all the things i've been loving in the past few months. I've included a little bit of everything as I always seem to talk about something other than beauty in my other posts :)

Collection 2000 Concealer
I bought this after seeing so many good reviews and I can definitely see why people like it! Its the first liquid concealer i've ever used but i've been converted as it works wonders on dark circles and blemishes and the colour goes well with my foundation. I also love how affordable it is and I know i'll repurchase it a lot!
Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint*
In the warmer weather earlier this month I wore this as it's better than wearing foundation which just melts off your face. It's also a really good match for my skin tone and you don't need to use a lot which makes it good value for money too. [full review here]
Benefit The Porefessional
Like pretty much everyone in the blogosphere I picked up a copy of Glamour Magazine to get the Benefit freebie. I wasn't really interested in the other products you could get as I knew this one the only one i'd really use. I only use it under my makeup when i'm going out as its only a tiny sample and I don't want it to run out too quickly! It works really well and I know i'll be tempted to purchase a full sized one when it runs out as it really lives up to the hype!

Original Source Strawberry Shower Gel
I love the entire Original Source range so i've been waiting forever for them to bring out a Strawberry shower gel and I wasn't disappointed when I picked this up! It's really fruity and creates lots of bubbles which is all you need in a good shower gel. I also love the packaging and how affordable it is :)
Soltan Mousse
I've already mentioned this in my fake tan post but i've been really loving the colour this fake tan gives. It's not too dark and looks really good even after you've had a shower which a lot of fake tans don't. I also find it really easy to apply and it doesn't end up on my bed sheets! [full review here]
Lady Million Perfume
This is the newest perfume i've bought and I love wearing it! I got it in a gift set as it worked out cheaper than buying a bottle on its own but i'm trying not to use it too often as it was still quite expensive!

Company Magazine
I think Company is the only magazine that writes specifically for everyday girls; I like how a lot of the features are bloggers or readers and the fashion is affordable and realistic. I love reading my horoscope so that's one of my favourite bits even though it's tiny!

Music & TV
I've been loving the new albums by Futures and Josh Osho this month and they're all i've really been listening to. My favourite songs on The Karma Album are: Islands In The Sea and Million Lights and my favourites from L.I.F.E are: Freewheel and Tmaia. I'd really recommend giving them a listen if you get chance :)
I also had to mention that i'm loving that 24 Hours In A&E is back on TV as its one of the only programmes that I watch religiously!


  1. I love that Collection 2000 concealer, it's so good and SO cheap! I'm a big fan of the Original Source shower gels too, will have to try and get my hands on the strawberry one!

    1. yeah you definitely should! The strawberry one is so nice and a bit more affordable than The Body Shop one which smells similar :) x