24 October 2012

New In: Topshop online

I never used to purchase anything from Topshop as I thought it was overpriced but recently i've been loving a lot of their clothes and i've bought quite a few things to update my uni wardrobe. I actually still have the very first Topshop item I bought; a plain white vest which I bought in 2004 when buying things from Topshop aged thirteen was the 'cool' thing to do! The vest is still in fairly good condition although I only really wear it when i'm doing the 30 Day Shred so that's probably why.

Although Topshop is expensive i'm following Rosie's approach and i'm trying to spend a little bit more and buy things that will last longer and will get a lot of wear. I don't mind buying lots of things and then taking them back either as i'd rather try things on at home and know that they fit properly than try them on in the shop and have to make a quick decision I might regret.
Topshop online
All these items are available online from Topshop

Black Leigh Jeans
These are one of my favourite purchases; they weren't cheap but i've got so much wear out of them and Topshop Petite Jeans are the perfect length so I don't have to get them shortened which is really convenient. I have quite a few tops which look better paired with black leggings but i'd never go out in just leggings so black jeans are the perfect alternative. These are really soft and are still in good condition even though they've been washed a lot.

MOTO High Waisted Shorts
I tend to live in shorts a lot of the time and these are my favourites out of all the shorts I own. They're so flattering and are really comfortable too. I have them in black and aubergine and they look nice with leggings and a top. They are almost three times the price of my H&M ones but they fit a lot better and for how much I wear them I don't regret either of my purchases.

Black Peplum Top
This is another thing i've bought in two colours; I have it in black and cream and I think Topshop could have got away with charging a little bit more for such a nice top. I've already mentioned why I love this in one of my favourites posts but to put it simply it's really flattering and can be worn in so many ways.

Curve Hem Tee
This has become a wardrobe staple and looks lovely with my black jeans or shorts. The aubergine colour is really nice and the material is soft, not see through and hasn't shrunk in the wash. Although £10 isn't cheap for a basic top i've found that Primark tops are rarely as good quality and recently New Look's prices are almost the same for something similar!

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  1. Since so many other stores' prices have increased, I've found that I'd much rather pay for Topshop clothes because they fit me better than in quite a lot of places, and some of their items like their skater skirts are currently my favourites clothes! x

  2. I deifnelty think it;s worth paying more for basic items you know you'll get a lot of where of like you have. I think when people pay £40 + for a top that'll be popular for a month or two is where topshop prices get silly! x

  3. I used to throw my money at Topshop every month come payday, but its so pricy, def agree in investing in things (even if it is in Toppers) i do love their knitwear however. I buy their dresses/boots/heels in the sale, otherwise it does get a tad silly. However i say this and we both know i still go in there and shop like a mad woman! Love the peplum blouse, i cant understand why its that lesser priced! I would love to get my hands on the cream one too x

  4. I love that peplum top, ever since I bought it, I've worn it so much and it was reasonable priced too. However I do think Topshop's prices are too much but there's so many nice pieces in there! Plus there's a new Topshop just opened near me in Leeds and it's amazinggg! I think the 2nd biggest to Oxford St one!

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  5. i love their leigh jeans, they're the only jeans i buy now!

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