16 January 2013

Hair Favourites: L'Oreal and Aussie

I don't really write a lot about haircare on my blog so I thought i'd share my two favourite products at the minute. I'm using the Loreal Elvive Sparkling Shampoo and Aussie's Take The Heat 3 Minute Miracle and I really love what they do for my hair. 

I bought the Loreal Sparkling Shampoo as it was on offer and I loved the fact it had glitter in it. Obviously when you wash your hair you don't end up with bits of glitter in it but I think its a nice idea and i've noticed that my hair does look really shiny anyway. Before I started using this I was using a different shampoo and I found that my hair got greasy a lot quicker which is why i'm enjoying using this so much. 

I've mentioned the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle on my blog before and its probably one of the only hair products that i'll continue to repurchase as I normally like a change. I use this once or twice a week or whenever I think my hair needs it but I always notice a difference in comparison to using normal conditioner. 

I'd definitely recommend both of these products as they're really affordable and are usually on offer somewhere so they won't break the bank and they actually work :) 


  1. i really want to try aussie but i always buy cheaper products xx

  2. I really want to try the sparkling shampoo but not sure it would be good for my coloured hair xx