3 January 2013

Christmas 2012

This is a very overdue post but I thought i'd share a few of the things I got for Christmas. Christmas and New Year seem to have gone by so quickly this year which is why it's taken me forever to write this post! I'm currently trying decide on my 2012 Favourites which is taking me a while too...

Enrapture Totem Styler
I've wanted this for a while so when it was on offer for just under £30 at Boots I asked for it for Christmas. So far i'm really liking the different styles you can create with it and how easy it is to use. The only thing I can fault is that it doesn't do your hair any favours and mine had a slight burnt smell after I used it so its probably better to use a heat protection spray and avoid using it really regularly. 

Boss Orange Giftset
I've been using this perfume for years and it's definitely one of my favourite scents. I have a large bottle at uni so my mum treated me to this giftset so that I can have a smaller bottle to use when i'm at home. The scented body lotions are also lovely and the scent lingers on your skin for a while which is nice too.

Accessorize Rabbit Bag
As a huge animal lover this is one of my favourite presents. This bag is really good for travelling and I love the rabbit print design too! I can definitely see myself using it a lot especially as it's waterproof unlike a lot of my other bags.

Hollister Shirt and Joggers
I've never bought anything from Hollister before but i've been wanting some comfy joggers for a while and thought i'd invest in a nice pair with my Christmas money. These are really nice and although they were expensive I can see myself wearing them a lot around the flat when i'm back at uni. I fell in love with the shirt and I know there are lots of much cheaper alternatives but this one fits really nicely and I thought it would last a bit longer. I love wearing it with leggings for a really simple look and it's made a nice addition to my wardrobe which is seriously lacking shirts!


  1. You got some lovely gifts! I love my totem styler!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. xx

  2. Looks like you got some lovely presents!xx

  3. I love the boss orange fragrance is it so summery and lovely! and that bag is just adorable x

  4. You got some great gifts, i really want to try the enrapture totem styler! X

  5. That shirt is so cute and I love the hugo boss set!



  6. These are so lovely! Loving the bag.