8 March 2013

And As I Walked Through, That Story Book Of Life

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in over a month! Life has just got in the way as i’m currently trying to find a placement for next year and finish all my assignments on top of having a social life but hopefully i'll still have time to blog in between all that.

Last Friday my Dad phoned me to say Parsley had died. It was really sudden and unexpected and i'm gutted I didn't get the chance to say bye. I don’t think it’s really sunk in yet because i’m stuck at uni but i’m going home tonight which will probably help me to come to terms with it.
Parsley had just turned 5 and had the cheekiest personality a Rabbit could have. It took me years to learn how to pick her up without getting my hand bitten off but once you managed it she was really friendly and I know she secretly enjoyed it!

When I made the decision to get a rabbit we weren’t going to get Parsley; we’d already chosen two other baby rabbits but the breeder offered us Parsley as she was the only one left in one of his other litters. When someone offers you the cutest baby rabbit you honestly can’t say no and Parsley definitely made sure I didn’t regret my decision. I don’t think she was completely Netherland Dwarf as she was bigger than Sage and had really soft fur which needed brushing every day when she was moulting or she refused to eat! I wasn’t really expecting rabbits to be as difficult to look after as they are and there is definitely a lot to learn when you get one! Parsley was spayed as she was quite badly behaved and started fighting with Sage when she was little; being the mischievous rabbit she was it didn’t really work and she simply hated other rabbits and was perfectly happy living by herself!
She was always upto other kinds of mischief like chewing through the cable of my Dad's powerwasher and hiding behind the freezer where she'd get covered in cobwebs and wood shavings. A few months ago when I was trying to clean her cage and she chose to sit in the bucket so it took me forever!
Looking back I’ve got some lovely memories to remember her by and she gets all the credit for teaching me about what Rabbits are really like! I still have Sage and i'm going to make the most of every second I get to spend with her especially as she turns 5 next Tuesday :)

RIP Parsley 20.2.2008 – 1.3.2013

Indi, Parsley & Sage when they were tiny and were all friends!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Parsley :(
    When a family pet dies, it's awful because they're such a big part of the family. I hope you're okay and going home wasn't too hard.

    Jemma xx

  2. Oh so sorry about Parsley, my bunny died 2 years ago in July and it was so awful. They are amazing pets though x

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