1 April 2013

Life: University, Food Favourites & an OOTN

I'm currently enjoying being home and just doing nothing. I haven't done much over the Easter weekend other than eat chocolate like everyone else! I'm trying to motivate myself to finish off all my uni work so when I go back i'll only have revision to do but I really can't be bothered even though I know i'll regret it. I've had a few phone interviews for placements recently which have gone ok, i'm just hoping I actually get one because I don't really want to go straight into final year and I need some experience on my CV!

I've had a bit of a clear out and i'm currently putting together a blog sale which i'll tweet about when it's live (probably at the weekend). I'm not really looking to make lots of money I just want to find a new home for all the things i'm never going to use instead of leaving them in my room not being used. 

Easter Treats - I wish i'd got to try the Vanilla ones before they sold out! // Cheesy Sweet Potato Fries - so tasty and (almost) healthy!
French Toast with Peach Yogurt & Blueberries - this was the first time I made french toast and liked how it tasted! // Muffin being cute eating her cucumber
OOTN - Topshop Peplum and H&M Panelled Leggings is my new favourite outfit (probably because it keeps me warmer than a dress) // Barry M Textured Nail Polish - I loved this so much more than I expected, I just wish it didn't go grey with wear after a few days!

Other favourites: OneRepublic - Native, SoundCloud and Pinterest 

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