4 April 2013

New In: Origins and Topshop

I've been so good recently at not spending money and if i'm honest I haven't really seen anything much that i've wanted to buy. I haven't purchased any beauty products this year as i've had so many to use up but after my skin started going through a bad stage I thought it was about time I made some changes.

Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask, Out Of Trouble Mask & Make A Difference Rejuvenating Treatment

I never used to pay much attention to skincare but in the past few years i've realised that it really is worth spending a little bit more on it. I've tried the Origins Modern Friction Exfoliator before and really loved it so when it came to giving my skincare a bit of a overhaul Origins was the brand at the top of my list. So many bloggers have shared the love for their products and while everyone's skin is different I was hopeful that they would work for me. I don't really enjoy thinking about how much I spent on three products (and a few free samples) but if they work for me I (hopefully) won't need to spend as much on foundation and concealer and will feel a bit more confident about wearing less makeup.

My final splurge of the week was on a pair of Black Topshop Leigh Jeans. I already have a pair but they've lived up to their reputation and faded really badly! I'm keeping this pair for interviews rather than more casual wear so hopefully they'll last a bit longer and keep their colour. If anyone has any recommendations for a similar pair of jeans that won't fade please let me know! I'm spending the rest of my afternoon reading the latest Company magazine and making a start on my never ending pile of uni work!


  1. I don't think I have ever tried something from Origins but I've heard great things about this range x

  2. I love Origins. I have a pair of leigh jeans in Indigo and I literally wear them all the time, the best jeans I have owned by bar and so comfortable x


  3. i need to get me some leigh jeans

  4. I'm glad you posted about Origins, I'll be trying it out too! :)


  5. I love the leigh jeans!
    They're super comfy and always look great