15 May 2013

Late At Night When You Realise You're On Your Own

I've only recently started using SoundCloud but i've been loving some of the songs i've found. I don't normally listen to many remixes but there are a few that I actually prefer to the original song and SoundCloud is amazing for finding them! I thought i'd share three of my favourites at the minute and if you've got any artists you'd recommend please let me know in the comments :)

SoundCloud won't let me share this one but I had to include it so i've added it from YouTube instead :) I've loved every song that Rudimental have released and this one is no exception. This remix is perfect and my favourite parts are definitely the bits featuring the steel drums. I'm very eagerly anticipating the release of Rudimental's album at the end of this month and i'm sure i'll have lots more songs to share from it.

I didn't really expect to like SubFocus but after listening to Tidal Wave a lot their music grew on me. Endorphins features Alex Clare who is another artist I like so it's no surprise that this is one of my most listened to songs on SoundCloud.

I love OneRepublic and if you're following me on Twitter you'll know how happy I was to get my hands on their album Native. This track is from the album and has been remixed by Alesso; it adds a bit of beat to the original and is one of my favourites to listen to when i'm getting ready for a night out.

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