22 May 2013

New In: Summer Fashion

On Monday I treated myself to a bit of retail therapy after being rejected for a placement that I really wanted and it definitely made me feel a lot better (even if I don't really want to check my bank balance anytime soon!). I haven't bought much recently but I managed to find a few new additions to fill up my ever expanding wardrobe especially now it's almost summer.

Necklace - £12.50      Aztec Shorts - £22

I've been thinking about buying these shorts for a while but couldn't really justify the £32 price tag so when I saw that they had £10 off I couldn't resist. I love the subtle aztec style pattern and they're a really nice length as I often find a lot of shorts are a bit too short!

Necklaces are something I rarely wear; I honestly don't think i've worn one at all this year! There are a lot of statement necklaces in shops at the minute and I thought it was about time I found one i'd actually wear. This one was £12.50 which is a bit more than i'd normally spend but I fell in love with the colours and magnetic fastening which i'm hoping will be good enough so I don't lose it on a night out! I've tried it on so many times and I think i've finally rekindled my love of necklaces so i'm already on the hunt for more to add to my (very tiny) collection.

Blouse - £25.99
Like every blogger at the minute i'm loving everything in Zara! I knew there wasn't a chance i'd leave without making a purchase and I spent far too much time in there wishing I had an unlimited bank balance! I fell in love with this blouse as it's really soft and the Zebra print is really unique. I was originally going to buy a similar bird print one but I preferred the way that this one fastened and it was also a little bit cheaper. My Zara wishlist gets longer every time I shop there so it's probably a good thing I don't like their website or i'd never have any money!

Peplum top - £3
I wasn't sure whether to buy this top as it's quite different and not really the type of print i'd normally go for. There was something about it that I liked and I knew it was one of those things i'd regret not buying if I left it. It's actually quite well made and as a lover of peplum tops I knew it would be flattering when I tried it on. For £3 it was such a bargain (I thought it was a good price at £7) and even if I only wear it a couple of times it will have been worth the money. I rarely get myself a real bargain in Primark but this definitely made me feel better about how much I spent in other shops especially as I only found out it was reduced when I got to the till!

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  1. Omg haven't seen that Zara blouse before but I love :o I'm overdue for a cheeky trip soon tbh... And that peplum top is such a good bargain but I bet I'd never be able to find it in my local Primark D: prams and hangers on the floor everywhere. Good luck with finding a placement Caz!!

    Jade | JadeFungBlog