26 June 2013

New In: Primark and H&M

I've been looking for a new makeup bag for a while as I wanted one that had a bit more room than my old one as fitting everything including my brushes in was becoming a nightmare. This one looks similar to a few recent Topshop offerings but was only £3 so I got myself a bit of a bargain. I also picked up these studs as I always seem to wear the same earrings and adding 12 new pairs to my collection should help me to change my ways!

Everyone has been talking about these jeans so I thought i'd pick up a pair to wear instead of my Topshop ones. At £38 a pair it's too much to spend replacing them when they lose their colour so i'm pleased to say these £11 alternatives are just as good. They aren't quite as soft but they fit well (mine are a little bit bigger than i'd like) and are definitely worth the money. I rarely leave Primark without purchasing a super cheap top - this one was £4 and is made of really soft material which I can't wait to wear more now it's getting a bit warmer.

Probably one of my favourite purchases this year has to be these H&M leggings. I've had so many compliments on them and they're so comfy - i'd wear them everyday if I could! At £12.99 i've worn them to death and I might have to purchase a replacement pair as they go with almost everything! I've seen them in a couple of different designs but if you're looking for a pair of good quality leggings then i'd really recommend them! H&M is also my go-to shop for basic t-shirts so I picked up this simple grey one to add to my collection. I sometimes find H&M t-shirts to be a bit hit and miss with the quality but this one is really soft and hasn't lost it's shape or colour when it's been washed.

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  1. Love that makeup bag! I've been tempted to buy it a few times so might get it next time i'm in Primark xx