21 August 2013

Recipe: Healthy Banana Pancakes

I'd heard about protein (banana) pancakes a few times and seen them on Pinterest but never got round to actually making any. When I saw a recipe on Charlene's blog I thought it was about time I gave them a try!
I simply used a banana, an egg and a handful of oats to make mine.
They aren't as easy to make as normal pancakes thanks to the consistency of the mixture because they're really difficult to flip! I found that using 2 spatulas and turning them more than once helped to give them a good shape and texture. As you can see mine weren't really round but i'm sure with a bit more practice they'll look a bit better and more like pancakes!
Although im not normally a fan of the taste of bananas I actually really enjoyed the taste of these. I used a really ripe banana so mine were quite sweet and with the addition of blueberries and a bit of honey they made a really satisfying breakfast.
I'll definitely be making these again as I was so surprised by how nice they tasted especially as they're quite healthy!

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  1. I've made these a few times, I love how they need so few ingredients although do struggle to flip them too! x