28 August 2013

Never Gonna Find All The Answers

I recently discovered a couple of new artists and thought i'd share them here as I love writing about music on my blog. I'm loving so many of these songs for summer as they're perfect for relaxing to and they're a lot better than some of the usual chart music i've been hearing!

Josh Kumra
I found Josh's music on Spotify after playing around with the discover section. I don't really know how i've managed to miss out on his music but i've been playing it non-stop for the past few months! He sounds a bit like James Morrison but better (in my opinion!) and i'd definitely recommend giving him a listen.

I don't think there are many albums that are named really well but 'Good Things Come To Those Who Don't Wait' is definitely one of the best. I've tried to believe that good things come to those who wait but after believing that for the past few months trying to get myself a placement it's been hard not to give up. My hard work finally paid off but one of the things I learnt along the way was not to wait around for people to get back to you and to just continue applying for others!

Anyway, back to the music. I found it hard to pick favourite from this album as I love nearly every song! I think my top four would have to be: The Answer, By My Light, Lost Again and Reckless Love. I love an album that has well written songs and this is no exception! If there was any artist at the minute that is really underrated it's Josh Kumra so i'd definitely give his music a listen or you're missing out!

Kodaline were advertised a lot a few months ago and it paid off as I fell in love with their music! Love Like This is the song they're probably most well known for but its songs like One Day, Talk and Big Bad World from the album that are my real favourites!

Talk is a really beautiful song that really builds up and I think that's the type of song I love the most; it's definitely made me want to see Kodaline live when they're on tour!
The lyrics to Big Bad World are probably what sets it apart from the others as being one of my favourites. I'm currently trying to decide what I want to do once i've finished uni and being independent means a lot to me but I think these lyrics could probably means a lot of different things to everyone. "We go out on our own, It’s a big bad world outside,  Carrying’ our dreams and all that they mean, Trying to make it all worthwhile".
I played One Day a lot after Muffin died and it's become the song that really reminds me of her when I play it. Again the lyrics are amazing but instead of me writing anymore i'd definitely recommend you gave it a listen!

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