23 October 2013

New In: Topshop Lips and Nails

Topshop Makeup
I've been loving Topshop makeup recently and couldn't resist treating myself to a couple of new bits when they were offering 20% student discount recently.

I also bought a sheer lipstick in the shade Swirl. I use my Carmex Moisture Plus lipbalm a lot but the colour of the Topshop ones looked a lot brighter. I love Topshop lipsticks but I only tend to wear them on nights out so I thought a sheer lipstick might be a nice alternative for the daytime. At £8 each these are quite expensive so i'm glad I got my student discount! Swirl is vibrant coral colour and is really moisturising which is perfect for winter. Although the colour isn't as bright as a lipstick you can still tell you're wearing it and it does last a reasonable amount of time too.

Nice 'n' Neutral is another Topshop nail polish that has fast become one of my favourites. It's perfect if you don't want to wear something bright and is almost a 'my nails but better' kind of shade. I've worn it a lot for work and it's made a nice change from all the pinks and pastels I wore a lot over the summer! I'd definitely recommend this if you're in search of a really nice nude nail polish; it looks a lot nicer on your nails than it does in the bottle!

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  1. Lovely items you bought. I really like the sound of the lipstick. xoxo